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something for you to do while I go take a short nap

Back when this blog was on Freeservers (and then again about a year ago) played this game calledband sausages, where you take two or more bands and combine their names together to make a whole new band. Example: The Beastie Boyz II Men, The Crystal Methods Of Mayhem, Grateful Dead or Alive. Get it? There's no real hardcore rules. Be creative. Squeeze as many bands as you can in, like this person did the last time I played this game: Shakespear's Sisters of Mercyful Fate's Warning .

You could even go the whole nine yards and come up with a song title for the new band, but it's not necessary.

Hey, you're home on a Friday night, too. Might as well have some fun.


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Crowded House of Pain!

Elton John Tesh :P


Rage Against the Machines of Loving Grace

Pink Floyd Cramer

3 Dog Night Ranger

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young MC
Jay-ZZ Top
Carly Simon LeBon
Third Eye Blind Melon
Michael Jackson Browne
:) that was fun!

  • Eminemmylou Harris
    "F--k this country shit!"

Fleetwood Mac Davis

Uh, who the hell is Mac Davis you say?

Anyone that thinks I need to make another trip to the liqour store raise there hand.

sniff I'm home on a Friday night while the wife works, so I've got a bunch of 'em:

The Wil Smiths
The Rolling Stone Temple Pilots
Queen of the Stone Age
Simply Red Hot Chili Peppers
RuPaul McCartney
The Black Sheryl Crows
LL Cool Jay-Z (or LL Cool J-Lo)
Al Green Day
Alan Jackson 5
Martina Fleetwood MacBride
The Spin Doctor Dre's
Garth Brooks & Dunn
The Mary Chapin Carpenters
Stroke 9 inch nails
Ugly Kid Joey McIntyre
Randy Travis Tritt
Third Eye Blind Melon
Paula Cole Porter
John Mellencamper van Beethoven
Blink-182Pac Shakur
Lisa Lisa Loeb & Cult Jam
Ludacris Kross

Roger & Muddy Water's new hit single Mannish Boy Who Don't Need No Education!

Puddle of Mudhoney
LA Guns n Roses
Frank Black Flag

Fine Young Cannibal Corpse
Ugly Kid Joe Diffiie
White Snake River Conspiracy
Ruth Ruth Brown
Elton John Digweed
Cheap Trick Pony
Spin Doctor Hook
Greatful Dead Poets Society
Baha Men at Work

I'm so ashamed (and drunk). This was all I could come up in 10 minutes.

Collective Soul Asylum

F-in' shoot me.


Death sentence, commuted.

Rolling Stone Roses

ooh oooh oooh

Nina Gordon Lightfoot!!!

I like this game.

Rolling Stone Temple Pilots

Sorry TJ- didn't mean to step on your creativity

Let's try Elton John Lennon

Shit. Just give TJ the prize. He (or she) tugged the guts right out of my imagination.

Did you know that sleeplessnesss and alcohol make you feel really weird?

I should be shot for this...

Creedie Gorme

Mos Def Leppard

Dave Porter Waggoner

Right Said Freddy Fender

The Fresh Prince Rogers Nelson

Leadbelly Zeppelin

Joe Jackson 5

Iggy Pop Will Eat Itself

Digital Velvet Underground

VNV Zulu Nation

Apoptygma Berserker (Props for the Clerks reference?)

The Cruxshadowfax

Bauhaus of Pain

Son House of Pain

Ready for the World Party

Christian Death In June

Napalm Death In Vegas

Alan Jackson Browne

DJ Jazzy Jeff Beck

The YardByrds

Dropkick Murphys Law

The Grateful Dead Kennedys

The Grateful Dead Milkmen

The Grateful Dead Can Dance

L7 Dub

Simply Redd Foxx (ouch)

Clint Black Flag

Faron Young MC 900 Foot Jesus and Mary Chain Gang Green Day

Martina McBride and the Ride

Garth Brooks & Dunn

General Public Image Limited Edition

Atari Teenage Quiet Riot

Ace of Rob Base

OK, I think I'm done for now. I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you with the music collection that is almost as schizo as I am. I dont own discs by everybody on this post, but I've at least heard their stuff from friends


Megadeath Cramps

Ugly Kid Brittany Spears

barry white stripes
boys ii men without hats
tears for fear factory
de la soul asylum
third eye blind faith (no more)

Blueline Medic Tool
Roxette At the Drive-In
Goblin Love
Culture Club 3 Doors Down
Sean Paul McCartney
Disturbed Focus
System Of A Down Puddle Of Mudd
Pink Nirvana
Badly Drawn Boy Hole
The Damned Radiohead

Ozzy Osmond, known for biting the heads off his siblings, Donny and Marie, on stage as part of his act

Men Without Hats At Work (Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive's Safety Dance)

Little Village People Stompers (The Macho Man Action If I Had A Hammer)

Peter (Gabriel), Paul (McCartney) & Mary (Chapin Carpenter)

Country Joe and the Phish
George Michael Bolton
B.B. King Crimson

Rage Against the Machinehead
Ram Jamiroqui
Kid Roxette
John Coltrain
Peter Paul and Mary J. Blige
Mike & the Mechanic's Tool
The Guess Hoobastank
Tenacious Dee Snyder
U2A3L5 (the license plate super band)
American HiFi Audioslave
Vangelis Train Journey
Stone Temple Jefferson Airplane Pilots
Blue Oyster Culture Club

Celine Dion and the Belmonts
Stray Cat(s) Stevens
Nancy Wilson Phillips
Olivia Newton-John Lee Hooker
Big Bad VooDoo Puff Daddy

Okay, it is outta my system now. I am done.

Toby Keith Richards
Dread Led Zeppelin

Back for MORE?!?!?

Dave Clark MC5

Ben Folds MC5

Circle Jerky Boys

Simply Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nine Inch Nils Lofgren (::ouch:: OK, I deserved that)

Johnny Cash Money

My Life With The Thrill Kill Blue Oyster Kult

The Pointer Sisters of Mercy

Henry Rollins Band (OK, that doesn't even count)

USA for Afrika Bambaata and the Zulu Nation

I'm trying to work on one in honor of our hostess, but the best I can come up with is some lame combination of Me'shell N'degeOcello and Michelle Shocked.

Guns 'N Stone Roses

Buck Owens and his Buckaroos Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers.
(now who else could conceive of the unholy marriage of Hee-Haw and an awesome 80's flick?)

Butthole Surfaris

Alien Ant Farm Aid

MC Jan Hammer - You can't touch this Miami Vice theme.

Paerl Jam & Spoon

Jam Master Jay-Z

Crystal Method Man

Culture Kulture Club Nouveau

Boys II Men at Work

Wu Tang Clan of Xymox

Mojo Nixon and Skid Rowper

Rob Zombie Nation

Traci Lords of Acid - You really want to suck her pussy!

Living Colour Me Badd

Rick James Gang

Electric Light Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

Aimee Mannfred Mann

Barry WilliamShatner - THe Brady Bunch does awful Star Trak tunes

Blues Travelling Willburys


Last one, I promise!

Courtney Lovefist - can I get an "Amen" for the Vice City reference?


Book of Love Spit Love and Rockets

Average Barry White Band

Razed in Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Still awake,


J-Lo Biafra

Ram Jam Master Jay

Shit. Can't think of any others. This one just isn't working for me.

Okay, some of these might be a bit obscure...

Revolting Cocteau Twins
Beastie Boys II Men
Black Sabbath Tape For a Blue Oyster Cult Girl
Agnostic Front 242 Live Crew
Bikini Killdozer
Circle of Dust Brothers
Motor(Hed) P.E.
Madonna Summer
Shakespear's Sister Machine Guns 'n' Roses
Grateful Dead Milkmen Without Hats

George Michael Jackson

"Bauhaus of Pain" rules, Michael!

Such great posts! Didn't remember seeing ...

The Beach Boys II Men
GG Allen Jackson and the Jabbers (sue me for being obscure)
Lisa Lisa and the Blue Oyster Cult Jam
Josie and the Stray Pussycats
Campervan Halen
Twisted Mister Mister Sister
Ben E. King Creole and the Coconuts
Faith Hill No More
Britney Fox Spears (how embarassing)
Creed Clearwater Revival
Ugly Kid Joe Cocker

Great! Now I'll be thinking of band sausages for days!

a simple dismemberment plan
blink 182 skinnee j's
at the cave-in
ugly kid rock
eazy ELO

just re-read the original post; lemme shoehorn some more in..

dillinger's simple escape dismemberment plan 9

blink 182 skinnee j-lo biafra

hm. that didn't turn out as well as i'd hoped.

The Baha Men At Work Without Hats
("We Can Let The Dogs Out Down Under If We Want To!")

How about:

Eddi-Lou Reader

or Elvis Costello and the Fairground Attractions