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mystical appearances

Big deal. People are seeing the Virgin Mary on a fence post. Bigwig takes them to task but sometimes I wonder. Like this morning.

I spotted this morning and I swear I saw an appiration of Jesus on this cross holding a banner that said "Bomb Iraq."

Maybe it was snowblindess.

Still, doesn't this cross seem a bit wrong to anyone but me?

Click for bigger image. Sorry about the large file, no photo editor at work.


That does tie a number of incongruous images together in one neat package.

what? no pictures? pah, rubbish. i need pictures.

like that time The Virgin appeared in a spilled, forgotten splatter of Rocky Road in the hallway of an apartment complex, pictures were proof positive.

Aw, great. Now we'll never convince another country we aren't Christians.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have trailer parks in Australia too.

"It's a church!"
"No, it's a barbershop!"
"It's a church!"
"It's a barbershop you cow!"
(fight ensues)
Just to steal the 'New Shimmer' bit from Sa'd'y Night Live.

It makes me wonder what those people are lacking in their lives that touching a fencepost that looks like the virgin mary (if you squint, and it's twilight and raining and foggy and you need new glasses) is a comfort or inspiration. (lousy grammar but you get the idea)
kinda sad....

If Linda Blair in Full Exorcist Makeup were stretched out at the bottom of the tree, that would make the best sticker ever.

I dunno...but it made me think of this solgan:

Kill a Splodeydope for Jesus!

I once had sex with a virgin named Mary back in the late 70's.

And...I think met the Virgin Mary one time when I was under the influence of mushrooms...back in the late 70's

So...I saw her first.

I once talked to G*D... but I also split a peanut butter sandwich with Mickey Mouse the same night... I wrote it off to the Orange Sunshine.