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i think i had a robitussin nightmare like this once

Watching the Michael Jackson special, I think I've discovered the one instance where the phrase What About the Childrentm is totally appropriate.

Why is he calling his child Blanket? Doesn't this guy feel a bit foolish saying "Ive seen Blanket and it's safe to say his mother is probably white?"


Ok, did anyone else get the creeps when they started talking about Gavin?

Interviewer: So Gavin sleeps in your bed...
Michael: Yesssssssssssssss.

Michael is sounding more and more like the poster boy for NAMBLA.

What's wrong with sharing the loooooove? It's all about the looooooooove!


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In the words of Joel and the 'bots, that show was "nightmare fuel".


I nearly puked. There's no doubt that Jackson is mentally ill, but that doesn't excuse the sickening man-boy love he indulges in.

Maybe we can drop Micheal Jackson on Iraq and kill 2 birds with one stone....just a thought.

There is no one-liner I can come up with that would be funnier than what I just watched.

you can laugh at me, but I have to say that part of me feels sorry for him, even with all that money. his eyes hold such sadness....
that said, he totally creeps me out.

I tried to watch, I really did! But like Suze said, the creepiness was too strong.

I do feel sorry for him. What life experiences led him to become the way he is? And why does he seem determined to pass on the bizarre life experiences to "his" children?

I'm sorry, but I saw two very white looking kids. He used to be black. How can those kids be his?

Those two kids are whiter than I am...and "Blankie" is too. MJ is no more the biological Father of those kids than I am..actually I could be because they look more like me..only I'm female..but anyway..I feel rather certain that he obtained those kids in much the same manner as he did those vases and oil paintings that he went on the shopping spree for. If you have enough money, you buy anything...even little babies and put masks over their faces and dangle them off the balcony and tell them to call you "Daddy Michael". They'll be suing him for mental cruelty when they grow up.

Was it just me, or is his son's hair BLEACHED?? That said, I'll admit I was glued to the TV by the sheer train-wreck aspect of the "life" of Michael Jackson shudders

OMG! Freakin' serendipity!

I was looking directly at this post and about to read the new comments when this line was used on the local radio show:

Q: When is it bedtime at Michael Jackson's house?

A: When the big hand is on the little hand.

Was Prince Michael's hair bleached? Oh yes! I saw those dark roots, too, hun. For some odd reason, even with the mask, he was bearing a strong resemblance to McCauley Culkin cringe.

I forgot to set it on TiVo, and missed it. Anyone have any idea whether they'll repeat it?

I'm sure they'll repeat it Keith...it was like a freaking train-wreck...

I started watching it, and I just couldn't believe how freaky he has become. I mean, I could understand some of what he does, based on how he was treated in the past, but it's VERY obvious that he has some mental problems, in a BIG way.

I wasn't really sure though, based on the thing they did afterward, that he really has had as much done to his face as some people think. I mean, he wears makeup, so his lips look odd, but when they did the thing on primetime, where they went back to what his mouth looked like in the past, it COULD still be the same. The eyebrows were a little odd too, but they COULD be the same eyebrows, just higher now? (Facelift?) But the nose...sheesh...he shoulda stopped WAY back, and no way do I believe he's only had 2 surgeries on that.

I couldn't help but watch...what struck me was how fungible kids are to him. I mean, once they reach a certain age, they're tossed aside like so much garbage, and replaced with more kids. What the hell is going to happen to his own offspring when they reach their teen years? Spooky as hell the way he jiggled and bounced the little one, while stuffing a bottle under the veil. Cripes. And, yes, I noticed the dark roots on the older boy as well.

ick, ick ,ick.

What are the child protection authorities thinking? No way this perv should have minor children in his care.

That show supports my long-term insane theory that M.J. is a special "youth stealing" form of vampire. He appears to think that he can live forever if he only steals enough Vital Youth Energy.

Right now, I'm probably the only person of the opinion that Martin Bashir, author of this fuck-job of a documentary, is a grubby little hack who reminds me of why I was so scared to go into journalism after college.

Since then, I've thankfully realised that journalists, documentary makers, and biographers can exist without perpetuating the stereotype of soulless scum who wouldn't know integrity if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

Martin Bashir, although undoubtedly an interviewer of talent, has earned my disgust by repeatedly either acting as an apologist, or PR man for hire, for self-absorbed celebrity in the midst of a media slump to open up emotionally and thus 'show their human side', or worse still, to spend time wasting an opportunity to gain insight on a certain character by embarking on a determined 'hatchet job' policy.

The determining factor in this seems to lie in what he believes will perpetuate the beliefs of the dumbest possible section of his potential audience.

To be quite frank, if the guy wants popular approval, he should appear in a docusoap. Otherwise, I wish he would quit using the savaging of people's personal lives as a currency for his own advancement.

From this hack-job, I learned that Michael Jackson is a troubled, fragile man, and also that the public, and indeed, the interviewer, obtain no little joy from pelting their village freaks with fruit and vegetables at any opportunity. I knew all this before. However, it wasn't the point of the interview to reveal anything new, now was it?

Well put, Crimson Cow.

Couldn;t have said it better myself.