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humor me, ok?


Me, on January 28:

It is advised that you stop using the phrase "wait for the smoking gun" or any such phrase like it, as a smoking gun would imply that it is too late; a gun does not smoke until it has been fired.

Neil Cavuto, last night:

But what happens when you wait for a smoking gun? By that time, the gun has gone off. It's smoking, because it has already done something.

Advantage, me.


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Maybe Neil reads your blog ;)

Did you read the Times this morning? It uses 'cocked gun'. It's the first time I read that and I like it.

I must have heard that phrase 40 times this morning in one interview on Today show.

Wait,I'm so confused....Blix should be looking for Saddam's smoking cock?

Perhaps he should start by looking in Chirac's mouth, then.

Chirac seems more like a receiver type,n'est pas?

Ari Fleischer : "The problem with hidden guns, is that you can't their smoke."

Thanks Mr. Obvious!

Listening to the radio, and a caller quoted Donald Rumsfeld as saying "We don't want the smoking gun to be in the shape of a mushroom cloud."

I wish my gun was smoking after shooting a terrorist between his eyes.

Man, I'm all about violence today. Bring me the heads of Saddam and Arafat.

Now make Cavuto dance! Dance!

Smoking gun, cocked gun...what the hell if a mofo points a gun at you you blow his dumb ass away...

Oh... Happy blogiversary Michele!

Right On Michelle!

People always say one should "Never shout fire in a public theatre." Unless there actually IS a fire in a crowded theatre!

Fortitudine Vincimus!

Michele, you know I love you but I feel compelled to direct you to me, on January 9: So far today, I have seen headlines containing the phrase "No Smoking Gun" on at least six different news sites. They all pertain to the Iraq weapons inspections and are based on a quote by Hans Blix. Days like this, I wonder if I live in an alternate reality. Some strange sensory warp that no one else shares. Because last time I checked, a gun only smokes after it's been fired...But really, come on. If a WMD had been loosed somewhere in the Middle East, and we didn't know who loosed it, and we looked in Iraq but couldn't determine if they had done it, then we'd say there's "no smoking gun in Iraq." As of right now, however, there's "no smoking gun" because no "gun" has been fired. Perhaps a better metaphor would be to say that there's no locked and loaded gun in Iraq. Or no tools to make guns. Or whatever.


I just had to do it. Don't hurt me.

Excuse me, is this where I find the smoking poll?

No, this is the cocksmoking poll.

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