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mac attack

Never mind Iraq. There is a greater danger at hand. Someone call the U.N. and see if they can get on this right away.

The horror, the horror!


This is too horrible to imagine. Rummy needs to order heavy bombing of the group to prevent this hideous threat from spreading any farther. Oh, the humanity!!

Given the current Rock climate, I consider this a humanitarian effort on Mac's part. Think about it. A gun is pointed at your head and you have a choice: fresh new Creed or recycled Mac? Mac. With cheese.

I heard that Hans Blix investigated, but found no "smoking gun" that would prove the existence of a new album, so he's going to wait and see what Wal Mart's record section has to say. Even then, he says it will require another resolution to keep it off the radio.

They should be euthanized. Quickly.

How about a reunion featuring Jeremy Spencer, Peter Green and Danny Kirwin, and Stevie stays home?

I can see I ,being a past rabid Mac fan, am in a minority here.
The album comes out on my birthday, which is certainly a good sign.
I remember seeing the band in 75 , before Stevie started losing her voice, and they were awesome.
I see that Christine is not going on tour with them which means they have a spot to fill. Perhaps they could update the whole group by adding Shikira to that spot.
Now that I would pay to see.

Don't bullshit me Michele. You owned a copy of Rumours in high school. I know, because you're my age, and every girl in my high school class did.

I got a chuckle out of the statement that Christine McVie is "retired." Well, they probably weren't allowed the hundreds of extra words it would have taken to detail the convoluted interpersonal relationships in that band...

Starhawk, you and I are on the same wavelength, except Bill "I'd like to do Stevie Nicks" Clinton completely f'd them up for me. Damn him to hell!