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hot fury

Before I get on with this war stuff, there's something I have to do.


Go wish Mike a happy birthday.


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hey, it's like it's everyone's birthday!

oh yeah thanks for using my tagline!

Michele, for my birthday this spring, may I suggest you upload something to a very well encrypted directory on my server? Hmmm?

You didn't send me pretty boobies for MY birthday... and I turned 20! Let's face it, 20 is a downer as far as birthdays go... at 19 you get Canadian alcohol and porn, at 21 you get (about time) to drink in America. What do you get at 20? (It was January 26th, btw. ;) )

Lol. j/k! :)

My birthday is tomorrow. I want to see nipples.

Oh, and you'll also have to send a copy to Axl Rose.

Zoom out! Zoom out!!!

And all I get is chocolates?????????
Oh, right, you are my sister-in-law! Sorry.

Hey, I didn't get any Canadian porn when I turned 20! :p

Is Canadian porn really worth waiting for?

I only look at Canadian porn for the touqes

as the sanitary napkin said to the fart, "you are the wind beneath my wings"