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Just got back from the doctor. I scored an infection hat trick. Throat, respitory and ear. Go, me!

They were showing the Powell speech in the waiting room (thankfully pre-empting the Wayne Brady show) and I listened in the car as well. I'm back in front of the tv and all I can say is, looks pretty damning, doesn't it?

Stephen Green is blogging the whole thing minute by minute.

I'll give my thoughts after it's all over.

Damning. Very.

UPDATE: Chuck's got it going on, too.


Hope you get better soon.

...unless, of course, it doesn't affect your blogging. Then I don't really care one way or the other :)

I've had the trifectinfection before, too. It's not fun, I feel your pain.

Hoping you get all that gunk out of your head soon.

I blogged it, too.

At least you didn't get a yeast infection, too.

Sorry you're still sick, Michele.

Chuck, if Dr. gave her antibiotics, maybe she can make the quadrafecta(?).

Yikes. That's a whole lotta infection. Infections suck; you can't drink while you're on the antibiotics. Feel better soon.

Feel better, enjoy the meds...

So if you score an infection hat trick, do they throw medicine bottles at you? :)

Hope you feel better soon!