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my rice is making a difference

Jim blogged it, Kevin took the challenge and I went with it.

The Rice for Peace people obviously do not know that they are emulating an urban legend.

Even so, I've done my part.


I'm just curious about a couple of things. They know damn well that the rice packages will never get to the president. So all that rice will be thrown in a dumpster somewhere. Either that or the White House press corps will be eating rice pudding at the next briefing.

Couldn't all that rice have fed some hungry people in the U.S.?

Just asking.

Is your rice making a difference?


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But it'll be great for all the rice growers in south Arkansas!

They can send me the rice. I like rice. And rice pudding. Yum.

Rice for Peace?

I say Porn for War. Send a dirty mag to the office of any CongressCritter who opposes the war.

oh, rice? i'm asian, and i misunderstood. i sent a bag of lice...

woops. my bad.

You know, if you put a little cap on Ewan in that SW pic, he'd look just like Crackle.

I think a big, grinning Jim Rice walking up the steps of the White House with a huge bowl of rice pudding and a wooden spoon is just hysterical. I picture it like an old Norman Rockwell Saturday Eveing Post cover - "Rice Brings Nice Rice".

I need to make more enemies, obviously. Then I could get rice... maybe if I was really bad enemy I could get Uncle Ben's Long Grain Wild Rice.

Oh. My. God.

You put a Red Sox player in there.

I am getting in the car right now to drive up there and take you to the hospital. I didn't realize you were THAT sick!

Spreading the meme (thanks to Andrea)...Better late than never?