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Cross-Blog Iraq Debate: Call for Questions

In case you haven't noticed, there's a lot of nasty stuff flying around the blogosphere these days - especially in this corner of the blog world, where the topics tend to be about war and government and current events.

Just as in the space outside of our computers there is a great divide amongst people right now, that same divide is ripping through blogdom. At first it was a small divide that stayed within the circle of news bloggers. But now, as war is imminent and tensions are running high, the blogosphere has proved yet again to be a microcosm of the world at large. People who never wrote about war or protests are suddenly entering the fray. It's on everyone's minds. There's a lot to be said.

The problem is, it's not getting said in the right matter. It starts out as debate and ends up full of hate, name-calling and vitriol. There's the I'm right, you're wrong sentiment from both sides of the camp leads to nothing but shouting matches where no one ends up being fully heard.

So what's a blogger to do? How do you get both sides to answer questions, listen to each other and debate in a mature and informative manner?

That's where N.Z. Bear comes in.

In January, NZ proposed a cross-blog debate on Iraq. Stand Down (No War Blog) accepted the proposal and a debate was born.

The schedule for the debate, which starts February 9, can be found here.

NZ will be collecting questions from the pro-war side and will whittle them down to five. Stand Down is collecting questions for the anti-war side.

You can leave questions and comments on questions at each blog.

The real debate runs from Monday 2/10 - Sunday 2/16: Any blogger who is interested in participating in the debate can do so by simply answering the questions appropriate to his or her position on their own weblog.

If I haven't explained it fully, please go to either weblog and read the posts there. This should prove to be very interesting and hopefully, it will make discussion between two sides of a very potent issue engage in some real conversation and debate.


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actually, it seems as if they skip the 'you are right and I am wrong' part of the debate and go right into the name calling. I always thought debate helped refine an answer but it seems both sides arent willing to budge...I could point fingers.......

I think my favorite one of your recent comment highjackers was the Canadian guy who thinks that instead of fighting a war in Iraq Americans should just sit down together and watch old episodes of Degrassi High. At least, I think that was what he was getting at -- I kind of skipped a lot of his rant after a bit. And quite frankly, if I must watch a cheesy Canadian tv series, I'd rather it be something a little livelier, like Forever Knight. Vampires, yum.

I don't understand why we have to debate at all. Why can't we just say what we want on our blogs and if people don't like it, they can click the X. If I don't like something in my comments, I'll just delete it. I'm not going to waste time arguing about my point of view. You have yours, I have mine and I respect you for the mind that you have.

I prefer my method. I'm just going to color from now on. You know, kind of like going back to kindergarten. I mean, if everyone is going to behave like children ANYWAY.

SHEESH. So disgusted with people I can't stand it anymore.

(And I'm NEVER entering a political debate AGAIN.)

Andrea, Forever Knight is one of my "favorite shows no one else has ever heard of" :)

Never heard of it? I have the soundtrack!
Also, whenever I watch "Andromeda" on TV, I wonder why the blonde cop from "Forever Knight" is on a spaceship. :)

Jon, I came across Andromeda once and said to my roommate, "Hey, it's Tracey in space!"