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surrender, surrender

I can't escape your incessant whine, when you beam it out all across the sky

By definition, a warmonger is "One who advocates or attempts to stir up war."

I don't advocate war as much as I advocate solutions to problems. War happens to be the solution this time around.

But thanks for the comment (now deleted) all the same. And thanks for the link, but I'll take a pass on sticking it in this post.

It's nice to know you care, though. I thank you for worrying about my mental health, and about the mental health of thousands and thousands of others who are accepting what our president is telling us. I'm just fine, thank you.

Your IP has been banned. Tell your friends I said hi. They should drop over for a cup of tea some time. We can discuss war, war and....war! Because that's all I know how to talk about, right? That's all us warbloggers ever talk about. Yadda yadda yadda, I know...so boring, so trite, so like big scary monsters lurking in your closets. We are evil and satanic and will rot in hell and....oh, just a question. Why are you still here? Shoo, go.

I'm alright. Really.

We're all alright.

We just seem a little weird.

Surrender, Dorothy!!


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Oh no! Another asstard attack from yet another person whose esteem is so fragile he/she cannot for one nanosecond tolerate any opinions that differ even microscopically from their own?

Why do these people take time to comment? They should just scurry back to their own little blogs and rant to their hearts content. Like I do :-)

Michele, I'm with you on this war thing. There's a big difference between wanting senseless violence, and wanting to defend our country from nuclear, biological, and terrorist attack. And if someone is so blind they can't see that your point of view has merit (even if they don't agree), then I pity them.

War isn't a good solution - but all the other possible ones are worse.

War will work. If they can come up with something else, let's have it.


They're hiding in the bathroom,
They're hiding in the hall.
They're hiding in the bedroom,
They're hiding in a stall.
They're hiding in the kitchen,
They're hiding in the street.
They're hiding in the milk and eggs and you're afraid to eat!

They're monsters, monsters
Always, always trying to avoid, to avoid, to avoidů
They're monsters, monsters, created by the paranoid, paranoid, paranoid.

They're monsters, monsters
Always, always trying to avoid, to avoid, to avoidů
They're monsters, monsters, created by the paranoid.

I find it interesting that the ones who scream we shouldn't go to war are the same ones who screamed at Bush for not doing something sooner.

Which is it?

Oh wait, I remember, the best way to avoid war is to have no enemies.....


Great Cheap Trick ref.I just installed Mac OSX,and I had to get new faves installed,and the way i found you again was to google"georgie l is a fuckwad"A big ass milk and cheese anniversary to you you wonderful thang.

Which reminds me,"He's a Whore" or "The Ballad of TV Violence" from Cheap Trick 1 for theme song consideration.luv ya

"...she's got everything I need, some pills and a little cup..."

Come to think of it, that failure piece would make a good theme song too

Yesterday, my daughter (wise beyond her years) told me a line she'd read: "Some people are like slinkies - completely useless, but you just can't help smiling when they tumble down stairs"

Ken, that's going to make the rounds.

lol I think I'm sorry I missed the deleted comment....