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new contest: gross and grosser

The two year anniversary celebration continues with yet another contest. If this one happens to gross you out at any point, just remember - It's all Lair's idea.

Gross and Grosser: the rules

ewww.gifHead to your fridge and dig around a bit. You just know there is something in there that is unidentifiable. Maybe it's jiggly, maybe it's moldy, maybe it smells like a dirty nursing home. Perhaps it's even one of those two week old leftovers that will go straight into the garbage, container and all.

I've thrown out my share of perfectly good tupperware ruined by the stench of rotted food. Don't be ashamed.

Now, take a picture of the item. Yea, you have to open the lid for this, I'm afraid. Actually, some of the best rotted, putrid items are those that don't even go in containers. Have you seen what a lime looks like after a month or so?

Now, write a little story about your gross food item. Tell us what it is, if you know, when you made it and why it's still sitting in your fridge soaking up all the good aroma from the box of baking soda. If you don't know, make something up. I know at least one of you has eye of newt or head of Jimmy Hoffa sitting in your crisper drawer.

You can either send the picture or post it on your own blog and put the link in the comments here.

For those without handy access to cameras and/or scanners, do your best. Describe, draw - I'll even accept a Microsoft paint rendition of your moldy yogurt. Be creative.

Contest will run until tomorrow evening.

And yes, there is a prize! The first and second place winners will receive a package of Ziploc disposable containers. The third place winner will receive a coupon for a box of baking soda.

Get over to your fridge and start sniffing!

Laurence and I should not be allowed to collaborate on things. Nothing good will ever come from it.

update: I forgot to mention, though it may be obvious. The GROSSEST food type thing wins.


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It's Michele's two year blogiversary. She's celebrating by cleaning out her fridge. She wants us to also. Darn, my wife [Read More]

It's Michele's two year blogiversary. She's celebrating by cleaning out her fridge. She wants us to also. Darn, my wife [Read More]

It's Michele's two year blogiversary. She's celebrating by cleaning out her fridge. She wants us to also. Darn, my wife [Read More]


Oh my - what fun! I'm going to have to play:D

This is so unfair! I just cleaned out my fridge about a week ago and trash day was Thursday! And I had the best moldy tofu cheese from my Intestinal Candida diet last fall. I should've gotten SOMETHING out of living on that and rice cakes for three weeks! POUT.

I was gonna take a pic of the stuff in my fridge (I think it used to be Rice-a-Roni) left over from last fall, but then I took a look at Christine's entry- wow, that's enough to gag a maggot.

Forget it. I can't compete with that!


Oh I'm going to have to pass on this one. When I find something ....old in the fridge I have to take it out back and shoot it before it escapes and breeds. Things out here in the swamps breed easy, y'know.

I'd like to participate, but as you can see, my fridge is all liquids.

All I have in my fridge is a some pudding cups, a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew, and a six pack of Guinness. It will be a pretty clean thing until I sit down one day and learn to cook.

Ok that one is a bit old though.. I just happened to have a new one growing though...
This is a picture of home made cranberry sauce made for Thanksgiving. I was gonna leave it for when I move out in a few months. A friend and I have swaped apartments a few times and I know he would enjoy finding it..
Notice the celophane is sucked in cause it just cam eout of the fridge.. I will save it in case you need a clearer pic.

I took the light out in my fridge to compensate for all the energy that I waste driving an SUV. I will get a flahlight and see what I can find.

I think Jack Cluth pretty much said it all.

Oh good god, and I just cleaned out my fridge for the first time in six months last week. Damn.

Damn! I just threw out some really disgusting green prosciutto last night!

Hey Michele, can we do a little cross promotion here? While ya'all are busy taking pics of your fridges - why not also submit them to the Web Fridge Project?

Not fair, I only moved in nine days ago; so I don't have anything in the fridge that old!

I found what I think was some white sausage gravy I made some time ago. I can't remember when I made it exactly.

This is definitely one of the more, uh, interesting competitions I've seen yet.

Sorry, I forgot to give you the link.