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Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

Star Wars is on WB. I don't know what it is, but even though I own twenty-nine different versions of this movie, I still get a kid-like thrill when it's on tv.

The older I get, the cheesier Star Wars gets, but I think that's part of the attraction. But the other moments, the good ones, remind me why I watch this movie again and again, why I know every single line and nuance by heart, why -even though I hate George Lucas - I still silently thank him for making Star Wars.

One of the reasons I cna't stand Lucas is what he did with my favorite moment from the film when he re-edited the movie.

Greedo. Han Solo. Best scene ever.

Han Solo walks out after shooting Greedo and says "Sorry 'bout the mess." Always has and always will be my favorite line and why, when I watch the movie on tape, I watch the original version.

Lucas made Greedo shoot first. That added in scene totally changes the way Harrison Ford's line comes across.

Damn you, George Lucuas. Damn you for that and damn you for the ewoks and damn you for not letting it rest after Jedi.

There's a reason I'm number one on Google for George Lucas is a fuckwad.

Luke was a whiny bitch, too.

I guess I just have a thing for bad guys. You really don't want to hear about my Boba Fett fetish, do you?


You've probably heard this one a million times before... but that would make it a Boba Fett-ish, wouldn't it?

I worked with a guy who walked out of the theater at that moment and refused to acknowledge the change was ever made. But he was kinda nuts to start with.

And screw Lucas for that shitty Jabba/Solo scene he reinserted. I know people who could do better special efects than that on their home computers. I didn't even bother to watch the other two 'Special' Editions.

He better loosen the hell up and release the original, unfucked-with editions on DVD, or I won't even buy them. I'll buy bootleg Korean DVDs ripped from the laserdiscs instead.

or special 'effects'. whichever. So how not special they were?

Yeah -- that scene spoiled it for me too. I only watch the old verison for that reason.

Boba's the shit. I have a .wav of "What if he doesn't survive?" for my Windows error message.

After Jar-Jar, it was all downhill. The urge to poke my eyes out after seeing Attack of the Whiny Clones was pretty strong.

Agreed. The original was better.

G E O R G E L U C A S I S A F U C K W A D.

I feel better now.

Hey! If it is your favorite scene, and you love SW so much, how come you spell his name H-A-N-S, when it should be H-A-N ?! No "S"! Or are you secretly admitting that you equate Hans Blix with Han Solo...?


Nice call, David. Guess I've got Blix on my mind :)

Have you ever seen the movie that Star Wars is based on? It's a Japanese samurai film called The Hidden Fortress. It stars Toshiro Mifune (one of the all-time greats) and even has the two characters that C3Po and R2D2 are based on. Well worth a look-see.

That Lucas switch with Greedo and Han reminds of what Spielberg did with ET. If you don't know, in the scene where the kids are getting ready to fly on the bikes, the cops who are near the barricade all had shotguns in the original. Spielberg had them digitally edited out for the DVD release and had them holding radios instead.

So frigging lame.

And the new Star Wars movies (and the old...aside from 'Empire Strikes Back' which is just awesome) have been done in by 'The Lord of The Rings' which thus far, are the two best fantasy movies ever made.

How good are they? My wife, who is not really a fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre wants to see 'The Two Towers' again and got pissed that I watched some of extended 'Fellowship' documentaries without her. That's how much she likes it.

Screw George Lucas. All hail Peter Jackson!

Hey that's a funny thing, getting a thrill when something's aired on tv that you have on tape. I get that too. It's superstupid of course, getting a bit excited and running back to the tv couch from the kitchen because you don't want to miss the film when the commercials are over, although you have a copy of the film and have seen it fifteen times before. If there was someone else sitting in the couch, a couple of friends, then there'd be some logic to it but this behaviour is something for Freud and friends. Some deep urge from being breastfed as a kid. Oh I don't know.

You know, when I first saw Star Wars, I was 8 or so, and I understood why Han Solo shot first: preemption. Get them before they get you. Now it has to be all PC and we need to see a smoking ruin - er - gun and all. What has Iraq done to us. . . sounds familar, eh? Another example of the Hollywood reality distortion field I guess.

The story all fell apart when Lucas changed the name from "Revenge of the Jedi" to "Return ...". The classic theme of a boy growing into a man, the isolation of power, the disintegration of friendship due to responsibility. Plus the mind numbing cop out in which the Skywalker/Solo competition for the princess just pisses me off.

Lucas had a classic for all time, and turned it into "attack of the cuddly teddy bears".

Even Sergio Leone knows that Luke has to ride off into the sunset forsaking the girl.

No question, "Clones" had the worst script I've seen (heard?) in a very long time. Even had the obligatory anti-smoking propaganda. Arrrgh. Interesting factoid about "Jedi" that makes you want to strangle that fucker Lucas: Originally, Endor was going to be the home, not of Ewoks, but of Wookies--"Ewok" is just a jumbled version of "Wookie". It was conceptualized as a totally bad-ass, no-hold-barred slaughterfest between the Empire and the Wookies whom they had enslaved. Only problem was, the kiddies might not approve as much--as with McDonalds, who needed something cute for their Happy Meal tie-in or whatever. So, Lucas cuts the Wookies in half and gives them big adorable beagle eyes. It's enough to make you puke, considering what could have been.

I have the original VHS "Special Edition" of the Star Wars Trilogy, along with "The Hidden Fortress" which I taped off the IFC's
Saturday Morning slice-chocky fest. The best dissing of G.L. was in "The Boondocks", where one of the characters is writing a letter to Mr. L. about the title to the sequel to TPM, and after saying he doesn't want to be too critical writes: "Crack Kills."

I suppose in the next iteration of Star Wars Han Solo will have only smuggled medicine for children through the Imperial blockades.

Sage, what's really bad is that while the 'Clones' script was awful, it was leaps and bounds better than 'Phantom Menace.'

One good thing about Clones was watching it on DVD. If you have a surround sound system, the sound will blow you away.

You are not alone in this one. As quoted in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back..

Ben Affleck's Character: "No doubt that it the worst idea since, umm, Greedo shooting first"

I will not watch the 25th JUST because of that scene...

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