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the other side of the coin has an ugly face as well

I've said a few times that the extreme on either side of an issue is a bad thing. Here's proof that right wing exteremists are just as vitriolic, nasty and senseless as those on the far left.

I'm not posting this just to gratuitously show you a hate site. I link it to show that yes, there are idiots and hateful bastards on either side of the coin, and I am not afraid to point them both out.

via Kathy K.


What is interesting to note is that the far left and the far right agree on allot of things. The Palestinian issue is one example.

Its the wrap-around effect at the ends of the spectrum.

As my Daddy used to say:

"When you're swimming in shit, it doesn't matter how you got there, you still stink."

They're an awful lot further out there, though, aren't they?

They certainly don't claim to be loyal Republicans.

Honestly, I think a lot of people that frequent Democratic Underground as well as Indymedia are hardly loyal Democrats. They are either socialists, green party or independent.

White supremacists make me sick (I decided to surf the rest of their site... I'm a masochist.)

As far as politics go, I firmly believe you should "never discuss sports, religion, & politics".

You and I don't see eye to eye on the current situation... I see your point of view & I respect it. I also know you've never belittled my point of view for it.

You know I love you, right?

Now "sex". NOBODY said "friends can't discuss sex". :0)

(I'm just in a babbling mood today, don't mind me... I think my wife just slipped a GHB/Viagra mix in my lunch here for some reason... again.)

It just goes to show that there are indeed trolls on both sides of the ideological spectrum.

And we can choose to focus on them, as some bloggers from both sides do, or we can continue some sort of semi-reasonable dialogue with everyone else.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Several statements I read on that thread made me want to puke.

feels the need for a good shower

"I'm surrounded by Shitheads!"

Those are going to be my last words before I die, I just know it.

I'm usually laughing too hard at those kinds of tards to get mad at them.

I don't even consider those Nazis to be members of the right wing. I certainly don't think there's any comparison between the Nazis at Stormfront and the people at the DU who're diehard Dems...

Holy Sh*t. On some level, I know that there are "people" like this out there...but every now & then I come across a site like that and am forcibly reminded of their idiocy, hatred, and complete and total denial of reality and reason. Mindsets like that scare me, because they are 100% beyond reaching or convincing of reality -- they are warped, vicious, evil creatures.

What a fraud! I followed the link looking for a "right-wing hate site" and was directed to Stormfront. Children, children, why do you think the National SOCIALIST German WORKERS' PARTY WAS "right wing?" Please read the G-ddamned literature. The Nazis made coalition with right-wingers for a short period during the Machtgreifung, but they were never a right-wing movement or party. The HorstWessellied should have told you this as should have the identities of the anti-Nazi resistance.

e: "I decided to surf the rest of their site... I'm a masochist."
Sheesh. Sorry I linked it, I wouldn't deliberately cause even a masochist that kind of pain!

Lou: Unfortunately, marxist types went with the left and nazi types went with the right in the US. If you reduced the US to an official two-party state tomorrow, and required everyone to vote, the marxists would vote Democrat and the white supremacists would vote Republican. Neither party, IMO, spends enough time publicly denouncing the agenda of their nasty little 'buddies'.

You think that the Democratic Underground
is as representative of the left as Stormfront is of the right? In one sense I guess I should be pleased that you think that the DU is such a beyond the pale kook site. On the other hand, Stormfront is treated like a bunch of lunatics by the right while the DU is linked by lots of popular left-wing websites. Furthermore, I've NEVER seen any left-wing website treat the DU the way the right treats Stormfront (as a worthless idiot page visited by people who are absolutely not representative of the GOP). I don't see how anyone can even compare those pages...

Now if Oliver would wander over to these comments and post that "I've seen equally repugnant stupidity on Democratic Underground and IndyMedia", I'd take him a bit more seriously...

Nah. That's just too independent to expect from Oliver...

The right/left debate has always been posited wrongly. Both sides are looked at as alternate paths to a quasi-utopian future (probably something StarTreky--replicators, holodecks, spaceflight, and sex with aliens)

They are not.

The left has defined itself visibly since its inception by 'virtue' of the various governments its ideology has spawned. All of them, without exception, lead to state control of the private sector, a control that eventually needs to be expressed as totalitarianism.

This need stems from the fact that while leftist theory often sounds 'good' and 'fair' it is contrary to human nature save in the most limited of circumstances.

The Right, however often it is talked about has never really been defined. Captalism, the most usual defining characteristic, can exist--and does--even within leftist tyrannies.

The only real defining concept that puts the 'right' at odds woth the left is a steady relaxation of state control. This relaxation is expressed in the US Constituion in the Bill of Rights. It is expressed as various 'freedoms'.

Freedom of speech, of expression, from unlawful search and seizure, from being forced to incriminate oneself, etc.

Thus, in a sense, the right can be defined, by its actions as freedom.

Which points us to a more realistic dichotomy, Left=totalitarianism/Right=freedom

This structuring is more in line with events as they actually exist, rather than the oft-heard leftist mantra as each tyrannies is exposed and discarded, which always tells us that the perpertrators 'just weren't doing it right'. This structuring would take all those socialistic ideologies, from nazism to anarchic sydicalism, and lump them into the totalitarianistic wastes of time--and life that they actually are.