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david m. brown

Go read David Pinto's shuttle post now. David runs a baseball blog, but he's taken time today to write a very personal and very bittersweet story about one of the astronauts on board the Columbia. Make sure you look at the picture towards the end.

Have tissues ready.


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Wow, what an amazing post. I just hope we don't pull back from space because of this. We need to keep going, keep exploring. We owe it to Dave Brown and the rest of the crew, not to mention the Challenger crew, Gus Grissom, etc.

that was an extremely sad post he wrote...i couldnt comment on his site so David my heart goes out to u n ur family. God bless

Thanks, Michele. I needed that, after reading some of the vitriol around the web today. Helped wash it off.

I just hope we don't pull back from space because of this.
Jim Lovell's line (or Tom Hanks in Apollo 13) says it best:

"Imagine if Columbus came to the new world, and no one else followed in his footsteps?"

Yesterday was simply a horrible tragedy. It shouldn't be political, or cheered on by our enemies. I wouldn't consider a car built in 1981 safe, much less a space shuttle with all the wear and tear it goes through...

Seven people are no longer among us. Anyone whose lives they touched, are grieving and in pain now...

Those are the people I feel and pray for.