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usr/bin/geek has put up biographies of each astronaut.

Tainted Bill reports that the profiteering has begun and people are selling shuttle memorabilia on eBay. I heard on the news that several people tried to sell debris until eBay shut those auctions down.

Speaking of profiteering, a reader sent the news that someone registered columbiadisaster.com - this morning. Who thinks of things in the midst of such a tragedy?

I have a rather lengthy essay prepared on the subject of disasters and death, but I'm waiting on it.

Meanwhile, this post of mine this morning, before today's tragedy took place, is clearly being misunderstood by some readers. Please look up the word hypothetical, thank you. Eh, I'll get to this later, too.


On behalf of my family in Australia
Owe deepest sympathy to the families of the American and Israeli Astronauts. May they carry the hopes and dreams for generations.

I wouldn't read too much into someone registering that domain. As I said over at Hayseed's place, it's entirely possible that someone immediately realized the implications and registered it in order to squat on it, so nobody could do anything scummy with it.