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crusts are "Satanís Scabs"

For James:


Yes, you can microwave them. 20 seconds on low. And they taste really good warm.


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Ok, now I'm open to culinary suggestion and everything...

I mean, I've even eaten shit off the floor whilst under the influence of various toxic substances and all...



Is it alive or what? Is this what Saddam is hiding? Jesus, think of the damage. God help us all...

"Microwaved peanut butter and jelly. He couldn't say no to that."

"Yesss he could. Give me peanut butter now, and keep nasssty jelly!"

"Oh, you're hopeless. Go to sleep!"

Of course! The LOW setting! Why didn't I think of that? In my testosterone-fueled rage I always nuke everything on HIGH; I've forgotten the gentle persuasive power of LOW.

I dunno... I find the idea behind Uncrustables to be kind of scary. They're made for people who are either too lazy or too incompetent to make a PB&J and cut the crusts off.

Of course, I don't have kids, so perhaps I'm missing the "convenience" factor...

BarCode, yes you are. I dont consider myself lazy or incompetent to make a PB&J and cut the crusts off. When your running around to get everyone out of the house for work/babysitter o time, they are the best things next to micro mac & cheese & ragu quick lunch!

ahhhh those things are nummy:) and barcode..they are very convienant when its 810 n u gotta be to school by 820:)

The misses loves those darn things. Have to admit they aren't too bad but give me crunchy and grape on real wheat anytime.

Bill: Cruncy peanut butter is EVIL. PB&J on wheat bread is just blasphemous.

I'm afraid there's no hope for you.

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