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party on, dude

I hereby commence my weeklong celebration of my blog's second anniversary.

I will start the party rolling with a gratuitious link to Frank.

Why? Well, if I had a reason, it wouldn't be gratuitous, would it?

I'll be taking requests all night tonight. For what? For whatever.

And Mig's suggestion of those bodyprints really isn't a bad idea. Start rolling around in that ink!


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Oh, I want more boobies. Or to show my boobies. Or to drink heavy. Or something. Surprise me.

I'd like to hear your rendition of "Muscrat Love".

Happy Blog Birthday, and many more :)

Dude, you have got to be kidding me - we have the same blogiversary. It's like my blog is your blog's younger, dorky little sister who wears glasses (and eats paste). I'd just like to hear you say "I think the Democrats will field a serious, viable candidate for 2004 who addresses real issues of class and economic inequity in America." Either that, or more boobies.

I think Kymberlie hit the nail on the head.

What Donna said. Happy anniversary!

happy blog birthday!! :-)

Happy Bloggiversary! :)

Happy Bloggiversary!

And thanks for taking my suggestion. Maybe that can be a new tradition for blogs. The first anniversary is like the paper anniversary, and the second anniversary is the link to IMAO anniversary.

Happy Blogiversary, Michele!