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save it for later

I just want to save this for posterity so that when we are done with Iraq and go after North Korea, I can point the peace activists to this picture and story when they claim North Korea is not a threat.


From Yahoo News:

A North Korean soldier holds 'bullets' to blow up the Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., in this poster released by Pyongyang's Korean Central News Agency on Friday January 31, 2003. The Korean Banner reads: 'Ruthless Punishment to U.S. Imperialism.' New anti-U.S. posters have been put up along the streets of Pyongyang and other parts of North Korea pledging to fight American 'imperialists,' the North's state-run media said Friday. Posters of 'high ideological and artistic value' were made by North Korean artists shortly after the communist country withdrew from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Tready on January 10, said the report by the North Korean Central News Agency. (AP Photo/Korea News Service)

Thanks to reader Suze for the link


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That's some good propaganda artwork, though, I gotta admit it. Whoever painted it has a nice style. Too bad it was commissioned by and painted for RETARDED FANATICS.

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On the plus side, the soldier in the poster apparently can't afford an actual rifle for those bullets.

Just wondering if any americans stop to think one moment about why the rest of the world seems to hate you?

The US has always acted on its own, supporting despots and ruthless dictators when that is a shortsighted benefit for the american economy. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden are two examples of terrible people the USA has supplied arms to and trained during the last 20 years. One could mention dusins more. And this policy seems to go back hundreds of years, to when the US first started "protection the freedom of people in south american countries".

Anyways, "Axis of evil" is an extremely unanced term, not to mention that the use of the term 'axis' as a way to describe the relation between countries is borrowed from the fascist-leader Mussolini ;P

We do not want Saddam Hussein to be the leader of Iraq, but the ones dethroning him must come from within of Iraq. Something in the order of 1/3 of the inhabitants of Iraq are children. Bombing Iraq will only cause the deaths of thousands of innocents.

There is no war on terrorism. It is just an long soughted for excuse for the US and other nations to claim carte blanche from the world society to do what they want with whoever they label terrorists. Israel and the Palestine. Russia and Tsjetnia (however it is spelled in english). The US and whatever country that has oil.

The only way to solve the middle-east problem, and the problem with iraq, is to implement the UN resolutions. NOT for the US to push through new ones that will only lead directly to war, like we saw Tony Blair try to make Bush do today, in that case the US will not have the support of the world community. We will also loose all faith in a democratic world with organisations like the UN, which will go down in history as a sad event.

No Steffen -- because we're too busy thinking about why we hate the rest of the world.

Michele's favorite peace-lovin' hippie


Hmm. I don't believe soughted is a word.

D for originality.
C for grammar.
D for thinking that the UN is a viable organization.

I give it a C- overall. It's got a nice beat and you can dance to it.

Oh Robyn, baby, you have just made me immensely horny. :P

I'm so proud of my three little ex-hippies... sniff

That's right, Steffen, we hate you fuckers right back. Oh wait, we're not allowed to do that, are we? Because we have money and privelege and power...we're supposed to be contrite and giving and let the rest of the world take what it wants from us.

No. Fucking. More.

Sekimori: Actually, I'm from a country with an average income that is higher than the US average.

And I don't ask you to do all the work, I want the US not to exploit other countries.

Will your country please quit taking our money then? I could use some of it myself...

Actually, Steffan, we are implementing the UN resolutions, but just without the UN. By themselves, UN resolutions without the threat of coercive force to back them up are useless.
Think about it this way - would you pay taxes if you didn't have to worry about jail or any other consequences the government may impose? If you do, I salute you as a true patriot; however, most people wouldn't.
We know he has them. The UN know he has them - see the relevant resolutions. He's failed to account for their destruction. The inspectors have shown material omissions in Iraq's declarations, have been given the runaround in their not-so-enthusiastic execution of their duties, and yet the UN does nothing.
If we can't depend on the world to look after its collective interests, then we have to act on behalf of our own.


Sorry Steffen...your definition of "exploitation" is my definition of "progress."

Children rarely like being made to get out of the mud and act like civilized little beasts. Nevertheless, someone has to be the Mommy.

Sekimori: "Someone has to be the Mommy."

I was talking with a co-worker today about The Coming War (Ooh, won't somebody please write the Haldemanesque skiffy-porn story by that title? Thank you.) when he got up to leave, saying that he'd been awake for about 30 hours and needed to go home and sleep.

"Sleep? Don't you have kids coming home from school in an hour or two?"

"Not a problem, because I've learned that parenting isn't about catching the guilty kid, it's about catching the slow kid. If Daddy wakes up, somebody gets beaten. Works when they have their friends over, too."

"Ha! Well then, so much for material breaches: if 3000 people die on our soil, some slimy little warlord thug goes to Allah, along with his family and everybody nearby. We don't much care who it is, but it's a short list, and you already know if you're on it."

"Right! Then our troops move in, pass around the food, and set up a loaner government until the people get theirs running again."

(And, please, won't someone write the garment industry-terrorist connection expose, "Material Breeches"? Thank you.)

Ummm Steffan, you need to look up world history. The only countries that DON'T owe their prosperity to US technology and financial support and interests are possibly Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and even those have lots of technological advances from the US. I don't think you will convince a single person in the US, that another country in the world is better off than we are. Yes we are conceited, yes we are pushy, yes we push other countries around. If you don't like it, then please quit taken our help also and do like North Korea and remain a hole in the ground for 40 years while the rest of the world advances.

Other countries say we want Iraqi oil. Well, who gave them the technology to develop that oil? Hmmmmmmm? If you say Russia, your wrong, it was US.

I know this is obvious, but, those bullets are really big. I think that says something about N. Korea. I'm not sure what it says, but I know it says something.

(it says: "Watch out, U.S., or we will throw our inflatable novelty bullets at your Capital Building!")

I can't help but imagine what the U.S. version of that poster would be. I know the goddamn bullets would be the right size, at least. And the soldier would probably look like Ted Nugent, and he'd be holding some sort of bizarre combination shotgun/electric guitar weapon. And he'd have an American flag as a headband, and a cigar stub clenched in his teeth. And some cool tattoos. And he wouldn't look like a fifteen year old boy.

We pay the piper so we get to call the tune...

You are sitting at the console of a machine designed here, by Americans. The idea of semiconductors was invented here.

It is communicating via a system and a protocol invented here, by Americans. Google arpanet.

That communication is transferred between pieces of wire by routers, invented here, by Americans. Look at a little company called CISCO.

My only request is that you take that piece of American designed equipment and unplug it, put it back in the box it came in and ship it back to the manufacturer.

We, as Americans, wouldn't like to think we were exploiting you by diluting your culture with this exploitive technology.

Beside, you're too f**king stupid to use a computer.

Have a nice day.

Maybe we nuked the wrong country in '45...

I know this is obvious, but, those bullets are really big. I think that says something about N. Korea.

Hmm, their soldiers like handling long cylindrical objects. Don't ask, don't tell.

And he wouldn't look like a fifteen year old boy.

That's the only sad part; he's probably thirty. He just looks that way because he subsists on 900 calories a day. I mean, so does Kate Moss, but at least she has a choice.

Turn over that computer of yours, daddy o, before you go waving that flag...

Bet it don't say 'made in America'. Not a lot of 'manufacturing' going on there right now...

Oh yeah, and don't start claiming technological advances on everyone here, unless you wanna start negating the influence of the television you're getting your war news from (John Logie Baird, Hastings, UK).

Oh, and yeah, and this...

I don't think you will convince a single person in the US, that another country in the world is better off than we are

Does this stand as a clever retort, or as an example of the problem?

And, yeah, Mike S, we probably DID nuke the wrong country in '45. We should've just nuked the entire world.

Drastic, yeah, but it would at least have saved me from having to put up with your shit right now.

Small mercies, huh?

Jeebus, amazing how that works in all directions, Burgundy Bovine.

'There's a leader in power today
Who's programmed to scream 'USA!!!!!!!!'
And he blew up the planet
Cos he sucked with the budget
Oh well. People suck anyway'

Ok, I'm done...

Actually, this is quite fun, but I'm nearly out of tequila, and I have things to do.

(Murmur, murmur)

It's a curious use of the word "imperialism" which historically suggests the expanding of an empire through direct taking over of governments.

Aside from the fact that the US simply isn't doing that, why the fuck would we want to pay even more taxes to support the bajilllions of people this alleged imperialism would add to our already bloated welfare rolls.

Um. Yeah.

Steffan, you have convinced me. We should pull our imperialist garrison out of Korea our and let the NorKs attack the South. NorK nukes will probably persuade Japan to build their own, and an absence of US security guarantees will persuade Taiwan to do the same. Won't that arms race be jolly?

We'll pull out of Europe. No more US forces there in case the Germans run amuck again or Russia decides that they really ought to resume their Drang nach Westen. When Saddam has triumphantly united the Arabs behind him as a new Saladin with nukes, and he comes looking for plunder from Europe because it's such an easy target, we won't be there. What a relief for you to have that evil American hyperpower out of the way.

No more exploiting the Third World with our yucky trade and investment. African and Asian countries won't be able to export to the US. They can kiss off that $15 billion in AIDS help too, that is also obviously exploitative. Ditto foreign aid, nothing but neocolonial exploitation. This will result in lots more impoverishment there, but it will be nonexploitative impoverishment, as opposed to the exploitative prosperity they might have had with freer trade.

Stopping any new totalitarian aggressors that might appear? Forget it. When they come for you we shall sit back and play a nuanced, sophisticated, French-style cynicism now. "What's in it for me?" That's the Franco-German example which I conclude you approve, since you are all riled up against us for trying to take out a nutjob tyrant and bring reform to the Middle East.

No longer will WWII and the Cold War, where America saved lots of countries from the consequences of their weakness or folly, be our precedents. Don't call us, we'll call you. You have convinced me that Pat Buchanan, whom I otherwise thought vile, has the right ideas.

"It's a curious use of the word "imperialism" which historically suggests the expanding of an empire through direct taking over of governments.

Aside from the fact that the US simply isn't doing that, why the fuck would we want to pay even more taxes to support the bajilllions of people this alleged imperialism would add to our already bloated welfare rolls.

Um. Yeah."

Yeah, the use of the word "imperialism" is curious, especially since it isn't used in the original Korean, only the English translation.