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an open letter to mark morford

Dear Mark Morford,

I'm so glad you took the two or three minutes out of your busy schedule that you needed to pen your latest screed, So You Wanna Go To War (A young person's guide to understanding ShrubCo's murderous attack on Iraq, and whomever else). It has given me something to point to when people try to tell me that there are no liberal media outlets.

Of course, your words and the rag that sends them through the world wide web for everyone to see go beyond liberal. Oh sure, I write words just as smarmy and sarcastic about your kind, but I am not a paid reporter. I am not a member of the press. You, on the other hand, consider yourself a professional journalist, but I sincerely doubt that anyone who takes journalism seriously would shit out such a steaming pile of crap as you did today and call it professionalism.

The thing that really strikes me about all this is how you tinfoil hat wearers from the far left are so politically correct, you strive for such equality and fairness in everything from schools to strip bars, yet you don't afford that same correctness to those you don't like.

I don't know if you have children, Mr. Morford, but I sincerely hope that you don't. If your column today is any indication, you are the kind of person who will raise your children to be hateful, vile creatures who see the world according to their views, their needs and their wants. Their moral outrage at everyone who doesn't think like them will no doubt fuel their future careers as bitter journalists, just like you.

Your world of peace and love and acceptance only seems to apply when it benefits people in your little circle of life.

Have a nice day, Mr. Morford. I'll write again after we liberate Iraq and all your theories and fantasies are laid to rest by the truth.

Because yes, the truth is out there. And it's not your version.


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These fools are digging themselves a deeper hole as time goes on. It all fits into the liberal template. Why talk about issues in an informative measured way when you can call people names, make jokes at their disabilities and fun at their features.
That this passes for journalism makes me happy I never went into it.
Of course given that this is also pretty consistent with the Dodd school of fake writting this guy might be in line for a pulitzer.

Ugh... I can barely make it through this kind of thing. It's so hard to keep reading...


You forgot to sign it "Bite Me". I find it works better then "Sincerely" or "Yours Truly", although I personally prefere "Loathe".

"Journalists" such as Morford write for their circle of fellow scribes, anchors, celebs, has-been Leftie authors and Dem Pols...they are totally out of touch with the country and reality.

Let's not discourage them too much, for as long as the Left embraces Morford's hate speech and empty rhetoric as political Truth they will be out of power.

That man needs an upgrade to achieve moron status... He does describe what the world looks like when you're so recti-cranially inverted that you're wearing your belt buckle for a bow tie.

On the other hand, maybe the next Islamic zealots will pick on San Fran instead of a more-or-less normal city.... Wonder what the "100,00 very confused ground troops" he so glibly dissed would think of his puerile mutterings...

Well said, amen, nice job, atta-girl, mad props, and whatever else you want... I couldn't agree more.

Jeez, his head is so far up his ass he looks like a mobius strip.

Everyday there is some affirmation as to why I keep coming back here. Today is no different!

I do have a couple of questions...

Larry, when you say, "maybe the next Islamic zealots will pick on San Fran instead of a more-or-less normal city".... I have to wonder, what do you mean? That New York is " more-or-less normal" and San Francisco is not? If that's the case, perhaps you've never been to the Clit Club. ;-)

Besides, what the hell is normal, anyway? Is that a word for some mystical land near Dawson's Creek or Bismark, North Dakota?

I personally would like to think that everyone would wish that the "Islamic zealots" would leave EVERYONE alone, "normal" or no.

Also, thank you for the giggle of the day: recti-cranially inverted

AND, thank you for the 50 Cent word of the day.... puerile

Literacy, right-o!

Morford's rant is astonishing. I was just over at Atrios [wasn't a good idea to go there], and he gave Morford a link and announced it a must-read.

I dunno what to say about someone like Morford. Puerile? At a minimum. The moral dementia, the stream-of-rage masking as literacy, the hall-of-mirrors logic ... the devil himself would be embarrassed by that kind of inarticulate raving. Oh yes he would.

Feste you are absolutely correct about this journalistic inbreeding. It reminds me of P.J. O'Rourke's explanation of reporting during the first Gulf War, when reporters in-theater got most of their news from US television, which was reporting what those journalists on the ground were saying. His quote: If you discover how any actual information enters this loop, please let me know.

Their highest goal is the op-ed page of the NY Times, which rewards conformity, and hewing to the party line. The doddering "gray lady" has no interest in journalism that doesn't confirm her current world view.

So if you handicap sporting events, and are consistently wrong, you soon drop from view. Ditto those who produce television shows that flop. But if you're a leftist, you get carte blanche to spew forth the most ridiculous falsehoods and predictions, and you are seen as a wisened political veteran after you've been wrong for twenty years.

Remember the Afghan "quagmire?" How about the one in Iraq? No? How about the earth's impending ice age, trumpeted in the 1970s? Oh, now it's warming...never mind.

Hey folks... Just out of curiousity, what do you think about this?


I'm interested in hearing some ideas on this one....

Reminds me of "Groundhogs Day", the neverending mobius of feedback of quotes-as-facts. You told him proper, sweety.

"Because plethoric and distressed must be the bewildered youth of America right about now,....." plethoric? overfull? turgid? inflated? of, pertaining to, or characterized by plethora? I heard about obesity in children of poverty. Maybe those claims were plethoric? Typical psuedo-intellectualism, inserting fancy words whether they fit or not, to show how utterly brilliant you are and others aren't. The whole miserable missive is plethoric.

Morford's a jackass. I live in the Bay Area and I have yet to see a column that doesn't overflow with venom, vile or just plain irrationality.


Then again, that's pretty much par for the course for the San Francisco Chronicle. I've looked at editions from the 1940s for a research project, and the decline in the paper's journalistic standards is readily apparent. To the extent that "journalistic standards" is a meaningful term, anyway.

Do da name Hearst ring a bell, Tony?

I agree Tony,I live in the EB and I do all I can to avoid the SFComical and all of its vileness.Thank you Michele for nailing this wad to the wall.

Wow. Un-totally-freaking-believable. That had to be the most useless, putrid stream of consciousness I have ever read. If this man is paid for what I have just read, then there is a market for anything in this society.

This sort of behavior has been around for thousands of years. When Jesus was pointing fingers, he singled out the Pharisees for engaging in similar practices.

Pharisees were big on public righteousness. Lengthy prayers on street-corners, big donations to the Temple, that sort of thing. All intended to demonstrate to all who saw them just how very moral they were, and how all others fell short.

In the midst of what amounts to a New Testament Fisking of such folks, Jesus spits, "Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel." Meaning, essentially: you will debate the particulars of practice, while ignoring the larger issues of true justice and true righteousness.

Sort of like clinging to politically correct dogmas while ignoring murderous tyranny.

Yes, I've heard of Hearst. However, I was simply making a comparison between the Chron-then and the Chron-now.

I once sent Andrew Sullivan a Morford column as a Sontag Award Nominee, He wrote me back saying it was to vile and incoherent even for that.

Very well written, though I'm still not buying the "liberate Iraq" line.
I have to wonder- if the events of 9/11 never occured, would the Taliban still be in power? Would we still have been interested in "liberating" Afghanistan? Or would we still be negotiating for the Caspian pipeline and giving financial aid to them in return for the destruction of the opium crops?
And why didn't we "liberate" Saudi Arabia, since it's obvious to everyone but Bush that they are the largest supporters of terrorism in the ME? Next to Pakistan of course.

Maybe not Sylvain, but 9/11 did occur. Your point?

Psst. Bush knows about Saudi Arabia. They're on the list.

Chron-then was no better, Tony. Hearst was a megalomaniac.


good flick though, huh, mike

Okay, fair enough. The operative point is still that the Chron sucketh big time. :)

You apparently missed the part where that wasn't, actually, an impartial news article, but in fact an intentionally biased opinion column. So much for the smarmy "news outlet" bit, hmm.

He could be right

I realize that this site was posted awhile ago, but I feel strongly and felt compelled to respond.
I am a fairly young person, one that this article would be mainly directed towards. I respect the general concensus that seems to prevail on this page; however, it seems that maybe the intention of Mark Morford's article could also be percieved differently. While I can see how it could be offensive, especially to those who disagree, it does seem that such offense could only be taken if the reader applies the general insult (greedy and immoral intentions towards Iraq) to one's self. Upon doing so, it then seems inappropriate to render hateful language in a response when that is the very thing that so many on this page seem to be critical of.
While I realize that those who believe our involvement in Iraq ia truly a liberation have good intentions, I believe it also important to realize that those who contend that war in Iraq is ethically wrong also have such intentions. It is not a lack of patriotism to actively promote what you think your country has the moral responsibility to do or not do. It is also not, in this country, a lack of patriotism to question the motivations of our political leaders, as it is they who are constitutionally meant to serve us and not the other way around. It also seems that actively taking a position is not a measure to demonstrate superiority or self-righteousness, but a means of expressing a perspective that can be voluntarily accepted or dismissed by the reader. If a reader finds the article offensive they could choose not to read that author.
As for the style of writing, it is somewhat difficult and sometimes requires more careful reading, but that would seem to disprove that it lacks a certain intelligence level. The concepts are more abstract than traditional journalism, but to argue that it lacks professionalism because it is not void of opinion, or because it is challenging to read, is not logical. This is mainly because the article never had any pretense of being a source of unbiased information, but is rather an opinion column. It also seems somewhat impossible to have completely unbiased information, for the informant will always percieve the information with their own perspective as they receive it, just as readers do. I think it is rather the responsibility of the readers to avail themselves of as many different perspectives as they can, making sure to know all necessary facets of a situation, and to consider all with an unself-righteous attitude. In doing so, a person does not undermine their own conviction, but rather has a broader knowledge to base it on.
I hope that I have offended none, but hope rather that my intentions of encouraging open-mindedness are clear. It is possible to view Mark Morford not as a liberal attacking conservatives, but as a frustrated individual who desires a better course for our country, based on the ideals and opinions that he has every right to express and which are entitled to the same respect as yours. The lack of such respect is no victory, not even in a small measure.

maybe if you all stopped wasting so much time worrying about this guy and living life a little it might make a little more sense.

Ya'all are stupid. He's a COLUMNIST, someone paid to publish OPINION not someone paid to write straight news. As free individuals, you can choose to read (or not, as per your taste) his spin(accessible only through the internet, BTW, not exactly in your face corrupting children and converting fundamentalist christians; you only see it if you go looking for it. Which you do, cuz you need something to bitch about.

get over yourselves, people. Relax and realize there is another point of view out there, held by intelligent, productive, caring members of society.

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