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body bag politics: the life you save will not be yours

When I went to check my mail this morning I notices several emails with the header Urgent: human shields. At first I thought some clever person signed me up to be on the mailing list of Become The Change, just one of the organizations responsible for sending human shields to Iraq. A little ironic joke, perhaps.

After reading through the letter, I realized that they have volunteers trolling the web, looking for email addresses so they can send out mass pleas for human shields.

They call it "A vacation for peace." I prefer to call it "committing suicide for Iraq."

Today's email newsletter was quite lengthy, but I skimmed through it anyhow, stopping when I came to this passage:

Soon we will be posting printable placards on our site, in Arabic, stating our purpose and asking for housing. You might find this helpful to print and keep on your person during your travels. This and the heavy recruiting we're doing for greeting teams of guides, interpreters and host families, schools, hospitals, places of business, and so on for accomodations for shield members will provide a lot of help as we travel.

I'm sure these people will get much more cooperation from Iraqi officials than the weapons inspectors are getting. In fact, they should really just ask Saddam to put them up. I mean, he's got this huge palace and no one's there except that nice fellow Uday, what with Saddam's wife and kids being sent into hiding, probably in France.

I think Saddam would welcome them with open arms. After all, they are trying to keep his country from being liberated. He certainly doesn't want liberation. And, in essence, the human shields are also trying to keep Saddam and Uday alive. Of course he would put them up. In fact, he'd probably throw feasts every night where they would dine on roasted skin of scientist's families, a treat found only in Saddam's palace. Only the best for those who are fighting the good fight to make sure Iraq's people remain poor, hungry, tortured and prisoners to their own leader.

Perhaps the signs and placards of these human shields should say "Keep Saddam Alive!" and they can chant that phrase as they walk down the streets of Iraq.

If these people are welcomed into the homes of Iraq citizens and doors of business and schools are flung open for them, it's only because Saddam has ordered it to be so. After all, these human shields can only help prolong his rule of fear over the people of Iraq.

The next email had travel plans.

Flights depart on the 14th February and the 21st February, however due to the unpredictablitlity of the situation we advise people travel on the14th rather than leaving it to the 21st.

If that doesn't make your brain say "hey idiot, maybe we shouldn't be trotting over to a country about to head to war," then it's pretty hopeless at that point. And then:

You must also send us a personal statement gving your reasons for wishing to join the human shield in Iraq.

I figure a typical letter should go something like this.

To whom it may concern,

My reasons for joining the human shield program are thus:

I place more value on the lives of Iraq citizens than those of my own country.
I am naive.
I put more value into what celebrities say than what the leaders of my country say about the situation in Iraq.
I think Uday is kinda hot.
I wish to die.

Can't wait for more emails from them.


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An honest version of the recruiting letter might also say

I engage in moral relativism.
I am really stupid and shouldn't be allowed to breed.

I, for one, figure if these people want to do what Saddam had to kidnap their countrymen to do 12 years ago, fine. There's a legal doctrine called the assumption of risk, and these guys are going to soon become intimately familiar with its application.

Hey, could we use this to our advantage? Equip some Marines with GPS receivers, satellite phones and military issue tie-dye T-shirts, hemp pants and Birkenstocks. The "human shields" then report to the Iraqi government and ask them where they would be most useful. They can then phone in the coordinates and tell their comrades they need to step outside for a smoke...

Hell, that would probably be an effective WMD location technique...

People People. This is the best thing in the world. Ok it is damn hard to weed out the complete morons now a days. They are coddled and protected and breed like rabbits. This is Darwinism at work. Hey I think we should help them. Lets say ?We are going to bomb this place at this time unless enough of you protect it? and then we are covered cause there would never be enough. My god people this should be the Bush deficit reduction plan right here.. ?Come on we know your on welfare and have been for 20 years but we will buy you a plan ticket to help us shield.? I would say how disappointed I would be in Bush or anyone changed a target because these morons were standing in front of it, but I do not think they will. Hey here is an idea lets get some of these moron reporters to stand on the ground and broadcast live with them. Who needs a laser designator when you can have a nice radio beam to follow in. Long live the rights of idiots to get themselves killed so we can be saved the responsibility of trying to help them live out their pathetic lives.

Maybe we should institute a counter-program "Hunting the elusive human cretin" tour. For a suitable amount of money, volunteers will be allowed to accompany US troops into Iraq, given M60s, and allowed first crack at the "human meat shields." I would probably be willing to pay money for that....


Actually the Human Shield Project is the best hope we have for peace.

Conscientious citizens acting as shields to prevent US agression.

Masses of them, flying to Iraq as a stalwart statement of protest.

And getting blown into mulch.

And then they won't be coming back. Won't that be peaceful?

I agree with Chuck.
Do you have a URL for this outfit? I want to post it on all the liberal Blogs I can find.
I always like any deal where I can get two for the price of one.

Chuck, I like the idea.

However, Darwinism (natural selection) only works when you remove the stupid before they can breed. So we'd probably have to ship their descendants over as well.

And who needs people on the ground when we have GPS guided weapons? :) http://www.af.mil/news/factsheets/JDAM.html


Any Stavesacre fans out there? No?
Didn't think so. Anyway, they wrote a song that had no title (they have since renamed it Zzyzx or something like that). Here's part of it:

"We have lost our sense of justice
Smearing lines of right and wrong
Despising any standards we blindly stumble on
Bleeding hearts may scream compassion
What of those who cannot cry?
A life is worth a life
Justice, merciful and blind..."

I figure it fits the situation pretty well. As a pretty active member of the left, I really don't see eye-to-eye with the President on many things. But I'm with him on this one.

100,000 innocent Kurds must be avenged.

>I place more value on the lives of Iraq citizens than those of my own country.

No, that's "Baathists" or "Tikriti thug-o-crats," not "Iraqi citizens."

I liked the post.

My question: Suppose the human shields go; suppose we liberate Iraq ... and the human shields survive ... what are the Iraqis going to say to these people who were just trying to prevent the overthrow of the tyrant who oppressed them? I can't imagine they're going to be treated kindly.

The human shields have a problem either way the war goes. In fact, I think they'll be in grave danger after a successful war. On the positive side, the rejection they'll no doubt experience after a war could be an eye-opening experience for them.

I don't see too much of a problem with this "Human Shield" plan. If we killed these morons in America, we would have to go through court systems, tribunals, and hassles like that. Now, I think we should give them what they want: to be proven right...let's blow them to smithereens, along with our sadistic Saddam, and they can cry themselves to a long, long sleep. Let's just make sure Sean Penn is among them.

I was wondering if Ms. Sarrandon or those that are on the list of celebrities who are ‘so in the know’ about what is 'really' the intent of the U.S. government going to go as shields? Really, wouldn't you all agree that that would be the RIGHT thing for them all to do? Certainly their 'moral outrage' should require them to hop on a plane...like now?

Hey Ms. Sarrandon might be 90 by now but she is still on my "Id love to do" list. But then again, I a not gonna cry if she gets herself killed in this escapade. frankly I also do no tunderstand why people get upset when actors get behind issues. Hey, they are people too, they deserve the right to make complete ass's out of themselves over things they know nothing about. They just get to piss off more people than I do in one dumb ass statement.

Um, the use of human shields is a war crime. Aren't these people supposedly AGAINST war crimes? Shouldn't Belgium be preparing indictments against them for inciting a war crime?

They'll cross the line from misguided dissent to treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Treason in wartime is punishable by death. We sure as hell won't avoid the targets they defend, nor should we, but I'll mourn their moronic, unnecessary deaths. Hmmmm. I wonder what the statue of imitations is on treason. Can we send Jane, too, just in case it's expired on her?

my God!

Spam for Saddam--what a concept.

If there were any doubts about the moral bankruptcy of the anti-war crowd, this sure burned them up for me.

Needs repeating: Listen up, you idjits!


If you want to commit suicide, that's up to you.

Hi my name is Doc... please sign me up for the human shield program. I have a few questions though. Do you know the forwarding address where I can receive mail? I need it to make sure the Feb 15th welfare check is forwarded to Baghdad. Also, do you know if Salaam's Grocery honors EBT and WIC vouchers? Also, do you know if the El Muerto hospital has the proper paperwork for me to file my MEDICAID? The United States has never helped anyone and is just a warmonger country. Count me in as long as I can keep my benefits, but if there's a chance I'll lose them then of course it's outta the question. :-PPPPP

Saddam even provides housing! Clearing out residents so these brave "missle catchers" can have a place to live.

Think of it as a vacation for peace.

And here I thought Salam Pax was being far too hard on these people calling them "war tourists".

The world is becoming unsatirizable.

Can someone please tell them to hold up really big signs so that we know that we are hitting the right place? Although, never mind, any place there is the right place.
On the other hand, if you really wanted to shield a place, shouldn't your shield be made with something less destructable?

Call them unclear on the concept.....

It is true that using human shields is a war crime. Additionally, intentionally becoming a human shield is also a war crime. A protected person, such as a neutral civilian, who deliberately shields military targets becomes an unlawful combatant thereby, and, if not first shot, could, after capture and trial by a military tribunal, be shot. Seriously, the Law of War does not favor those who abuse its protections for military advantage.

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