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more interesting than the grammies

I knew I forgot to blog something yesterday.

Blogcritics is running The First Annual Blogcritics Award - The Critiquees.

The awards will be broken up into Music, Video and Books and will be posted separately.

First up is the music awards.

For information on the categories and how you can make your vote count, go here.

I can't wait for the 2003 awards so I can vote for Meryl's "Call Jihad" as my favorite song.


I was about to protest the title of your entry concerning 'grammies', then I read it again...
ohhh....'more interesting than THE grammies', NOT more interesting than grammies.
Duh, see, I'm a grammie (grandma), and I'm REALLY interesting, so well....I...
nevermind, I think I'm beginning to bore myself.