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on ted, the braves and brett butler

Ted wants the Atlanta Braves back.

Over my dead body.

My hatred for Ted Turner is not new. Although he has done some things recently to fuel the hatred, it goes back to 1983, when I was enamored of the Atlanta Braves.

I have always been - and always will be - a Yankees fan. But in those days before inter-leauge play, I saw no problem in having a favorite in the National League as well as the American League. The Mets sucked back then. Shea Stadium was always empty. So when the Braves came to town, my friends and I would head to the Big Blue Toilet Bowl in Queens and root for the Braves. Not only did we have a whole section to ourselves, we had our own private beer vendor as well.

The Braves were fun. Dale Murphy remains to this day one of my favorite basbeall players ever. The team also boasted another favorite player of mine, Brett Butler.

In 1983, Ted Turner saw fit to trade Buttler. He was sent off to the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later. But Ted let it leak. That player was Brett Butler. So Butler had to play his time on the Braves out, knowing his days with them were numbered.

In exchange, the Braves got Len Barker. This is where you shake your head pitifully. Such a sad day it was for me when the news of Brett's impending departure leaked out that my friend Chris sent me a sympathy card.

From 1984 through 1987, [Butler] averaged 41 stolen bases as Cleveland's [left-handed] leadoff hitter. In 1985 he led AL outfielders with a .998 fielding percentage, and his 14 triples in 1986 topped the league.

In the few years Len Barker was with the Braves, he was 16-24 with an ERA that hovered around the 4 mark.

Ted doesn't know how to run a baseball team. In fact, Ted doesn't know how to run anything but his mouth.

I still hold a grudge against him and he has only added a laundry list of offenses to the grudge sheet in the ensuing years.

What a sad day it will be for Atlanta when Tomahawk Ted gets that team back.

I still have that sympathy card, by the way. I have a hard time letting things go, I guess.


Oh, michelle...a Yankees fan?!?!


Of course, you realize that, as a devout Metsie, I must de-link you.

Well, maybe if I had a blog. I've got to do something about this...okay, here it is: I order you to stop writng so well and forcing me to come here every day. You hear me, young lady?

Len Barker did throw a perfect game once, though.

Murph was a great ballplayer and consistent over a long career. Sad to see he didn't get many votes for the hall of fame. Butler was probly the second most important Brave at that time. Notice how much better the Braves got after Teddy let em go? He was one of the early idiotarians. I'd hate him just because he married Hanoi Jane. (I don't give a crusty f*** if she apologized. Friends of mine were tortured because of her.)

Signed: Cub fan (no wonder I'm always pissed?)

Sammy rules!

Glad to see you despise the Dipsh*t from Dixie as much as I do.
BTW, if you want to see some honest and heart-felt loathing of TT, go to Montana.
Real Montanans hate Ted...hmm, sounds like a good bumpersticker to me.

If it makes you feel better, michele, I can assure you that having Butler did not make the Indians any better as a team:

1984 75-87
1985 60-102
1986 84-78
1987 61-101

I went to a lot of those games, and it was just painful. Butler was great to watch, though.

Atlanta's not too terribly pleased about a lot of things happening to the Braves lately.
I am begining to think that management is actually trying to completely destroy a consistently great team.

I was under the impression that Ted still owned the Braves, he was just backing off and letting his baseball people run the team. When did he sell them and to whom?

And Dale Murphy was, as the say, "Da Man". he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Brett Butler? Didn't he become a gruff southern lady and bag his own sitcom called Grace Under Fire?

Maybe he got traded because of a conflict of interests...

AOL Time Warner currently owns the Braves. The Braves did fine under Ted's control when he hired Scherholtz and Cox and got out of the way.

Dale Murphy is not in the Hall of Fame because he declined rapidly at about age 32. He had a great 8-10 year run but his performance fell off significantly at age 32 or 33. He needed a another couple of years to achieve hall status.

I wonder if Ted is still paying Bruce Sutter on that lifetime contract he gave him? I would guess the negotiated a buyout a long time ago - but it would be funny if Sutter is till getting a check every month from Ted.

michele--Yanks, Mets and Rockies fan here. Ever see the Seinfeld when Costanza asked Steinbrenner "Why the hell did you trade Jay Buhner to the Mariners?" or something like that...

The thing that always strikes me about ATL fans is that they are never actually in their own stadium. They have to go on the road to draw crowds. Hmmm..I wonder if Mike Vick plays baseball?

Bobby Cox also likes to beat his wife, or rumour has it.

Dale Murphy was a pro's pro though. As was Henry Aaron (obviously) and Terry Pendleton.

Otherwise, John Rocker was the best thing that ever happened to Ted Turner--and yes that does include Jane Fonda.


Actually, Ted doesnt know how to fire the guy that runs the team....thats what he needs to do.

AND they let Glavine get away.......Tom Glavine, as you may or may not know, was drafted by The LA Kings before (future Hall of Famer) Luc Robitaille.....who needs to hang up his skates or get traded real soon....

Somebody who hates Ted Turner as much as I do? I'm impressed!!!!

Does the Braves Tomahawk gesture (with the middle finger extended, as modified by Yankee fans.)

Ted Turner sucks! The Braves suck! Michele is awesome!

Chris: Just counterpoint, not argument. Sandy Koufax had only 6 good years('61-'66) in a 12 year major league career, but I think he was elected first ballot. '63, '65 & '66 he won 25, 26 & 27 games(W97,L27 '63-'66). The rest of his record is kinda ho hum. He retired after '66 season. Maybe going out on top's the difference. We may never see a curveball like that again.