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answer2.gifThe Workers World Party sympathizers and members came out in (partial) force yesterday at Times Square.

The Free Mumia-Worship Ramsey Clark-Defend Milosevic and Saddam- -Anti-Semetic stalwarts paraded around the city with signs promoting their favorite organziation, A.N.S.W.E.R.

It's no longer guilt by association when you are fully aware of the organization's backing and goals and you still carry their sign around as if it were your flag.

Everyone has the right to protest. Everyone has the right to voice their own opinion. But when you embrace the policies and ideals of ANSWER, you become decidely anti-American. You become a terrorist sympathizer, an anti-semite, a protector of dictators.

ANSWER may organize your rallies and get you on those buses, but that doesn't mean you have to protest with them. If you are a peace activist who does not subscribe to ANSWER's ideology, you are doing yourself and your dignity a serious disservice by carrying their signs around in exchange for a ride and a cause.

If you do support ANSWER and all their ideals; if you embrace them as a group to get behind and fight with and for, I would not be able to look you in the eye without wanting to spit in it.


If they're dupes, it fits right in with general idiotarian ignorance. How can anyone not know who WWP and ANSWER are? Might be very difficult, but idiotarians can manage! Shame on them. If they're sympathizers, triple shame on them.

You may have opened Pandora's can of worms here, Michele. Tacitus had 200 plus comments on this thread the week after the last marches.



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