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you say it's your birthday

My baby turns ten today. Ten. That's two numbers, no longer single digits, no longer little. Yet ten is such an odd age. Too big to admit you still watch Pokemon, too small to be taken seriously by the skateboarding teens down the block. DJ flits between the two, one minute asserting his independence by refusing to hold my hand when we cross the street and the next crying for me to keep the light on his room because he just saw a scary commercial.

The kid is terrified of the clown from It yet fearlessly faces down an opponent twice his size sliding into third base. He crouches, blocks the plate, puts his shoulders down and his chest out and that runner is going nowhere. And then we get home and he runs from my uncle's Jack Russell terrier as if Cujo were after him.

DJ is a bit of an enigma. Just when you think you have him figured out, he pulls another trick out of his pocket and leaves you scratching your head. He's at once incredibly cocky, talking like Snoop Dogg and all up in your face with his ego and then so unsure of himself that won't try out for the school play out of fear of failure.

He's sweet and kind and generous to a fault, but he is also a ten year old boy, which means he is antagonistic, bold and a huge pain in the ass at times, especially to his older sister.

He wants to be a baseball player, but he figures he could always be a scientist as a backup, in case he gets an injury early in his career. And if the scientist thing doesn't pan out, there's always rap stardom waiting for him. He has it all figured out.

I believe - and of course, I am his mother so I would say this - that he can be any of the things he wants to be. He is determined and resourceful and focused on his goals.

Happy birthday, DJ. One year old, one year wiser, one more year filled with great stories to tell your future girlfriends.

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Happy birthday, DJ.

Happy Birthday DJ. Aquarius guys get all the chicks!!! I should know, 'cause my birthday is in a week, and I don't want 'em. :-)

Happy Birthday little guy!

Happy Birthday, DJ!

Happy birthday, DJ!
So, is he still picking up women twice is age? 'Cause I remember that boy was some smooth.

A very happy birthday to you, DJ!
Welcome to the double-digits.

Observations of Daniel Joseph:

  • He's extermely huggable
  • He plays mean "kitchen hockey" (we play in our socks)
  • He's gonna be a heart breaker
  • He loves his sister no matter what he says
  • He plays too many video games
  • He's extreme... VERY serious or VERY goofy... VERY loud or just plain SILENT... PUNCH you then KISS you...
  • He's sincere. I always get a nice hello from him and he'll easily tell you he loves you
  • He's a super-star baseball phenom and he's gonna take good care of old Aunt Lisa someday
  • He's my absolute favorite nephew in the 10 and over category!

I can't wait for his party tonight. I want a goodie bag.

Happy Birthday, DJ!

happy birthday DJ.
yeah it's true. as mary pipher ph. d. would put it, kids today tend to distance away from their parents to mark independence, but at the same time, want them [parents] to be within their reach in case things get out of hand. :)

What a handsome young man! Hope his birthday is wonderful!! :o)

Happy Birthday DJ!

Ten is one of the best years by now, he's learned all the kid stuff - how to pitch, rollerblade, ride a bike - and he can enjoy being a kid without having to worry about all the teen stuff. It should be a great year.

Happy birthday, and many happy returns. _

Myself, I keenly remember being ten and afraid of the clown from IT. Heh. He'll be just fine.

Hicky Burpday DJ!

You ready for the next 10? Ya know your mom thinks you'll have a bright future, make sure ya don't let yourself down!

Have a happy birthday, DJ! The next ten years are gonna suck mightily, and you will end up loving every minute of it. Weird, I know. Just trust me on this one.

Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew!! (Lee, I can truly say that .)

Happy Birthday DJ. The clown (Pennywise) from It scares me too. I'm 40 something.

Yaaay for DJ!

Give me back my Transformer you little hellion!

Happy birthday, little man!

I'm saving my daughter for you to marry someday, mmkay?

Yo, DJ! Happy birthday, little buddy.

Happy Birthday you sweet, handsome thing!! I can't wait for you to teach PJ how to play ball!! Have fun tonite!

Happy Birthday DJ! and what is it about that clown anyway? both my kids are terrified of the damn thing.

happy birthday dj :-)

Happy Birthday, DJ!

everybody's afraid of pennywise. he's creepy. and jack russels are just evil. they're the only dogs at the park who consistently attack my dog. so no worries.

happy birthday, dj!

Bappy Hirthday, DJ!

Yaaaaaay, Happy Birthday DJ!!!

Good heavens - DJ has the same birthday as the last guy I boinked. Not that you needed to know that...

He's an awesome kid and has provided us with so much entertainment already. Oh, Michele, sweetie, imagine what his teens will be like! Eeek.

Happy Birthday, DJ! You are now, officially, no longer a one-digit-midgit... congratulations!

Sooo.....did DJ get the 'thing' we talked about, huh? I have a post started that will be interesting if he, like, has the right tools.

Happy b'day DJ. That's a great picture of you two.

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday dear DJ,
Happy Birthday to You!

Welcome to double digits DJ.