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best movie about comic books not yet written

We're watching Comic Book Villians, for the third time.

Why do I keep watching this movie when it made my skin crawl the first time?

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't totally bad. As a matter of fact, the first 45 minutes were sheer joy. And then it took this odd turn and kept going. It wasn't bad for a dark, twisted movie but I didn't want a dark, twisted movie.

I just wanted comic books. And comic book geeks.

That's it, I am going to write the ultimate comic book geek movie.

A couple of geeks (not all guys, either), a dirty old comic book shop, a crusty owner, lots of inside comic jokes and not a mention of Ted Rall. But definite mentions of all my favorite comics. Gratuitous shots of Madman figures.

I need a conflict. Oh yea! The damn card playing kiddies keep trying to push out of the comic store for their tournaments. 21 year old guys wearing Yu Gi Oh! shirts and trading their unemployment checks for Magic cards.

I need to start casting the movie immediately! To the Bat Phone! Hey, we should all write the movie together!

I see the NyQuil has kicked in.


That's the one James Robinson did, right? I've never much liked his comics, and the movie sounds very bad.

Never was a comic geek. Too busy being a movie geek.

And I miss playing Magic. Had a lot of fun with that.

I volunteer to be the Japanese manga fanboy!

I'm a huge comics geek doncha know

Hey Dan, maybe I can work some camtoons into the movie.

Huge comic geek with a lot of time on his hands (i.e. laid off in July and still no job) and willing to "also star." If you need rugrats for crowd scenes or such, I have three willing to do my evil bidding....

We can all have our rugrats as extras in the "Pokemon kids v. Magic teens" rumble.

That'd better be Yu-gi-oh! instead of Pokemon. Pikachu is 3 seconds from getting the door slammed on his ass on his way out.

And Magic still rules all, as it should.

nice blog.. :)
never been a comic geek. perhaps, nintendo freak....

I liked Starman, but I am a sucker for corny old Golden Age characters. Haven't been a big fan of anything else he's done.

I saw that movie a while ago; wrote about it here.

I liked it OK, especially, like you, early on but I didn't care for the dark left turn it took. Oh well.

I loved Starman, but have never been crazy about much of anything else james Robinson has done. I'm sure he's losing a lot of sleep over that. :)

I have almost every 3D superhero/villan in the Marvel/D.C. universe in my Poser program.

Need any let me know...
Runs off to do Michele in a Wonder Woman costume

I'll volunteer to play the geek (every comics fan knows at least one like this) who thinks that comic book superheroines in movies ought to be played by women bodybuilders (like "Zap" from "American Gladiators").

"and all I gotta do is/act naturally..." ;-)

Oh, yeah, I want to be the obligatory Stan Lee Cameo with a shockingly funny line of dialogue which comes out of nowhere.

"Eat a bowl of dick, True Believers!"

I know you watch Adult Swim - did you see the (what was the name Elkington or something or other) entitled "Bring me the Head of Boba Fett" where they have a trivia-off in the comic book store over who gets to buy the MIB Boba Fett?

Eltingville. Created by Evan Dorkin, the man who also created 'Milk and Cheese' and writes and draws wonderful comic books like 'Hectic Planet' and 'Dork!', and if there was any justice in this world 'The Eltingville Club' pilot would have gotten picked up for a series and he'd be swimming in cash right now. But, no, we get 800 more episodes of 'Cow and Chicken' and 'Ed, Ed, and Eddy' instead. Hurray.

i love evan dorkin... he created my favourite comic book heroes - "Milk & Cheese.... Dairy Products Gone Bad" (from staten island)

I wanna play the role of the 21 year old unemployed guy buying Magic cards because it wouldn't be much of a stretch. Except I'm 38, not 21...I'd definitely need a wig. And I'm not unemployed, though if you saw me at work you would think I was.

Can I be the distraught guy who keeps pestering people about whether or not they've seen a copy of the limited "Naked Marvel Swimsuit Special" anywhere?

I can do all my own stunts.

You'll of course need the dark, Lenore / Squee fans, a guy and girl combo, that stands around making snide comments at the expense of the guys who buy the Marvel/DC mainstream comics. Then there is the female employee who is constantly drooled over by all the long haired, trench coat wearing, dumpy looking, coke drinking, doritos eating Role Players. I think every comic book store has the male employee who is completely obsessed with all the works of Kevin Smith, Frank Miller, and any other DareDevil alumni.

i'll say now that i know little of comic books, but i do enjoy a spot of anime, particularly yu-gi-oh and pokemon. there NEEDS to be a yu-gi-oh movie. there needs to be one with many many hot guys and many cool CGI effects, and, well, one very hot chick, namely mai. sadly, i don't know if there are any real human people that live up to the beauty and grace of the anime characters sigh
(i know i'm way off track here, but hey, endulge me - when are ya gonna see me again?)
all i can say is, do your best.
p.s., james from pokemon is hot - leave him and his fellows alone...please.