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paging mr. parrot

Think of the Parrots!

Kevin, were you traumatized by the Quizno's Super Bowl ad showing a dead parrot in a cage?

I know I was. All I kept thinking was, Oh gosh, that reminds me of Kevin Parrot and now I'll be up all night thinking of him lying in the bottom of a cage, lifeless!

Do you love Kevin Parrot as much as I do? Then join the force and boycott Quizno's! Don't let them do this to us. How can the be so cavalier and brutal about this? Don't they know how loving and gracious and funny Kevin is?

What a sad, sad day for advertising. I shall never eat at Quizno's again.

What's that? They mean a real parrot?

Oh, nevermind.


I ate at Sonic yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I coughed up a brightly colored feather later that evening. It's an epidemic - there has to be a Parrot Meat/Mafia/Fast Food Black Market connection, I just know it.

I'm not so sure I want that Quizno's franchise here now, though.

You're the funny and gracious one, by the way. I'm just a scrub.

He wasn't dead. He was pining for the fjords.

Sorry, while I sympathize with Kevin's plight, I cannot and will not boycott Quizno's. Those sandwiches are too good.

When you find out they are using profits to support causes like freeing cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, then I will tell Q to politely shove their toasted bread up their ass.

There will never be any Ben and Jerry's ice cream in my house. (They fund 'Free Mumia' causes for those that do not know)

come on now that parrot wasn't dead. its post like this that will prevent parrots from getting the recognition they deserve as serious actors. that parrot deserves an oscar for that performance, it obviously convinced even you. so i say rejoice parrot lovers and eat quiz subs, promoters of parrot actors everywhere.

[Marvin Martian voice]
You people really make me angry.
[/Marvin Martian voice]

A perfectly good dead parrot. And no flood of Monty Python lines. I even tossed you one. It's sad, sad, sad.

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