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creature of the night

Dear Aaron, thanks for the traffic!

I'll be removing your link as you asked. No need to ask you to do the same, as I'm quite positive you would not link to a little shit, creature and monstrosity.

I think he also wished Laurence dead or the nearest thing possible.

Oops, did I just link you in this post? So sorry. What's good for the goose, etc.

I'll be deleting the comments of the trolls you sent this way as they come along.

Thanks for playing!

After googling for something, I realized this lovely person had a blog devoted entirely to me! Yes, there's only a few entries, but I'm quite flattered nonetheless. I hope you are sincerely over your obession with me now, Endive.


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I'm keeping my link to him. I figure if he wants to order me to do work, he ought to pay me contractor's rates.

i love troll bashing.

RE: Aaron and Endive

Michele - Isn't it a great feeling, knowing you're getting under someone's skin so much they have to devote almost entire blogs to you?

That just means your words have impact, and you should consider it a testimony to your talent.

Can we bash the uppity little bastard for you?

what a riot! demanding someone to "de-link".. i'd charge a contractor's rate too laurence..

geez, i thought you meant solly when i first read it.

i thought you and aaron were friends. too weird, this political shit.

An army of assholes.

I often tell trolls to get their own blogs, hoping that they'll start expressing opinions about real issues and find a better use for their time. I guess that idea doesn't work.

Trolls with blogs just do what they always do - post incoherent rants and try to start fights. Too bad.

Can I be your uppity half-elf, baby?

Oh crap! Can't be Aaron in Blogwhore anymore after this. Gotta change my name again... Aaba? Aadil? Aardvark?

Whoever this Endive is, they sure are that word that I can't say because it offends some women but it starts with "c" and ends with "t" and the U.N. is in the middle... well, you know what I'm talkin about.

Why bother bashing back? Why waste effort on trolls that has the sole purpose to bash? Instead, build something with that effort. Get a laugh. Give advice. Share a recipe.

Or, better yet, just keep blogging around their speed bump on the digital superhighway. And if a regular loyal reader believes the tripe coming out of their mouth/blog, well, they weren't loyal to begin with.

It's all a vast right-wing conspiracy, you know. After all, the right wing MUST control the Internet (despite Al Gore's protests) and all links, mentions and trackbacks.

Plain silly, this. I hope Aaron gets a clue soon.

Oh, I am soooo tempted to add him to my links. Just think how upset he'd be if everyone who visits this site linked to him. That would be pretty funny, actually.

Come to think of it, I don't believe I've ever heard of someone not wanting a link. If anything, I've got to give him points for originality.

Troll bashing fun!

I wish someone would hate me.

Michele, he's going after you because Diane E. and I completely ignore him when he bashes us.

He's been doing it for months. He seems to have this problem with strong women. Poor boy.

Oh, that Aaron. I've had my own, uh, interactions with him before. I believe he called me a skanky slutty bitch whore. That was fun!

I think it would be HILARIOUS for all of us to link to him. Send him a rightwing-alanche and drive him absolutely batshit. Bwaahahaha!

Wait... you're not a skanky slutty bitch whore, Rachel?

Well, shit. Total shock. Everything's turning swimmy-like. I don't know who I am anymore. I'll never enjoy a bowl of oatmeal quite the same anymore.

Someone defended him by saying his little screed (apologies to Lileks) was "top drawer invective." Now I enjoy a good ranting flame as much as anyone, but my definition of "top drawer invective" is a bit more discriminating. Referring to someone whose opinions happen to differ as "the little shit" doesn't make the cut. This isn't good invective; it's a blatant troll.

Linking him sounds like fun.

Dammit Rachel, no one calls me a skanky, slutty bitch whore"! The best I've done so far is "white devil slut".

You get to have all the fun.

A troll called me a whore in spanish on my message board last week. Now, I don't speak spanish, but I worked ER enough years to learn the cusswords!

I was hoping that being called a whore involved valuable prizes, like man-ho's delivered to my house or something! After all, I'd hate for my troll to be a liar. Send over them mens!

Well Jane you'll be even more jealous when you find out his "fans" called me a racist, too! (But I'm jealous of you because I've not yet been called a white devil. I'm working on that, though.)

And all because I said it was stupid for Aaron et al to suggest Dawn Olsen was a "racially insensitive" for saying she liked watermelon and that she had a butt. To give Aaron credit, he did later become cool about it. But not until he and his friends called me lotsa names. I'm telling you it was FUN!

Laurence, I may be a slutty bitch, but I'm neither skanky nor a whore.


I was once called a 'meanie poopie head', but that was by a 5 year old so it probably doesn't count.


You know... last time I heard the name "Uppity Negro" it was over some bullshit regarding Dawn Olsen and Rachel Lucas and watermelons & how the very mention of watermelon was some back-handed racist remark...

You can't stop people from saying stupid shit, but you can ignore them, which is what I chose to do from here on in.

Rachel, we need to get Bill at Bloviating Inanities to link to Aaron. That might finally get Bill the hatemail he's been begging for...

So he tells you not to link him and you link him? Well uh...don't link me either! And Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, National Review and Newsmax...they better not link me either! You hear that?...I ORDER ALL OF YOU NOT TO LINK ME..that is a command and you dare not defy me!!

Only a reader,but now must consider getting a blog. After checking out Aaron, I've concluded that if an anencephalic can be a blogger, so can I.

Wholly Bat Mobile, Cat Woman! If having a blog devoted to you ain't the big time, what could be? Congratulations!

Paul: That comment needed a spit-monitor warning.

Dyin'. I'm dyin'.

I don't get a blogstalker, and I'm much more obnoxious! ::Pout::

Ten-to-one "Aaron the Uppity Negro" is really one of those skinny, pasty white boys with fake sandy dreads or an orange 'fro. He's just mad because none of the girlies will say he's pretty fly for a white guy.


I couldn't wait. I did a bad thing.

This is one of those days I'm supposed to shave my head, walk around barefoot, and tear a picture of the Pope in half, right?

Wow. That Aaron guy is one mammoth poof.

Actually, this could be a whole new level of blog-whoredom. I mean, if he demands you de-link him, and it causes you, and all of your readers to link to him, just to piss him off...BOOM, to the top of the blogrolling top 100! See, sometimes the greatest minds are from the MOST annoying people.

How seriously can you take a jurk who PAID to watch X Men?

Hey, hey Larry!

I like you and all, but lay off the X-Men.


liked it.

Endive has 330 hits today, and her referrals are all from A Small Victory. Her traffic before today averaged one hit per day. (Click on the extreme tracker button at the bottom.)

Michele, I own X-Men. Stand tall, girl!

(I want Hugh Jackman. For my birthday.)

You should pat yourself on the back, Michelle... this person, by hating you so much, finally found a soapbox (which will also have to defended from trolls--irony is wonderful).

Without you, the voice and the platform may have never been created.

I had one, I think, for about a day. I banned him and he started his own blog to tell people how awful I was for banning him. I don't know if he ever got around to authoring a second post. A blog with only one entry may not get too many repeat visits. Again, the irony is wonderful.

I've turned off comments on my blog and intend to keep it off. The quiet is so pleasant and time liberating, too. That's why I'm bothering all of you guys in your comments sections ;-) Even more than usual.

I don't know if Aaron's comments were motivated by jealousy or anti-semitism, but either way, they were malicious and beneath contempt.

I wouldn't be surprised if his comments about Michele were motivated by the desire to get readers. Go ahead, read his drivel. He sounds like John Muhammad.

Oh lovely, the "don't link to me" thing. FWIW, there are no laws saying you have to obey when somebody tells you not to link. I had a former employer threaten me with a lawsuit and send me a cease-and-desist letter...of course nothing came of it, but since then I've been following worldwide attempts to prevent linking. It's still quite legal to link to whatever you damn well please.

racheal is a pure skanky whore