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or was her lipstick just smudged?

Ok, a couple of non-serious points.

Justin said that if he was president, he would learn Braille and have the speech written that way so he wouldn't have to look down at the pages every so often.

Towards the end, Hilary looked like she had just finished giving someone a blowjob.

Edward Kennedy was sleeping.

When I noticed that Rumsfeld's head was incredibly shiny, Justin said that was the gleam of pure hatred eminating from his brain. I sure hope he uses that hate like The Force.

And I really wished it was Monday, because I was going to use the line "He's wearing his cornflower blue tie. It must be Monday." But it's not and not everyone would have gotten it, anyhow.


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Was it just me, or was the Democratic rebuttal just a big ad saying "Our team's better than his team. Join Us!"

Sorry, that senator (sorry, don't remember his name) just REALLY annoyed me.

The rebuttal sucked DONKEY balls!

Heh. Get it? Donkey Balls?

Ok, back to bed with you.

Um, I think the line is Tuesday, not Monday. And you know the first rule...

If Hillary gave blow jobs, Bill wouldn't have had to have them outsourced!

It was Washington Guv Locke, Tracy. Don't imagine he wrote it, but weak, weak, weak. Sounds like a ready replacement for Patty Murray, in the empty suit sense.

No such thing as a bad blow job, King.

Did anybody else see Pelosi's face when Bush was talking taxes? (or maybe it was faith based inits.) Looked like she sucked a lemon and started shaking her head, then must have realized she was being 'cam'd, cause she sure started grinning all of a sudden. I gotta pull that one off the video and post it!

Yeah, I saw it, and was reminded of Gore's histrionics during the first debate. Then again, every time cameras panned the Dems side of the aisle there were nothing but sour faces.

Buy them some ice cream, somebody.

I was watching ABC. At the very end, last applause, Senator Daschle was NOT standing.The "director" changed camera very quickly.

Just me?

Oops. Please delete my 10:49. misread King's comment. Sorry king.

Anybody else see the Daschle snub?

Arrggggghhh. 10:39. Past my bed time. night night.


If Hillary KNEW how to give a blow job, then maybe we wouldn't have had to hear about Monica for 2 years.

Now putting on the strap-on? That Hillary can do.

Pelosi was a BIGSOURBITCH! Yes, I noticed, UGLY! And there IS such thing as a bad blow job if it's Hillary nobbing it. MY husband goes no where but home for his. She gags and spits. And it showed tonight. Garry Locke is a fucking liar and an ass kisser. I live about 10 miles from him and it's a freaking mess. And they're asking for more. And, my beloved dog gets all blackey-eyed when he MEANS it.......anyone ELSE notice George's eyes at about 50 minutes into his speach?

Greg: Yep, the Dems mostly sat on their thumbs, only getting up when it was obvious they were on camera. I remember when Clit-on was giving his SOTU, the Reps at least stood (if not actually applauded), giving a nod of respect to the office of President (if not the man himself). Hey D-guys - ever heard of common courtesy?

so where did the cornflower blue tie reference come from? I'm thinking grosse point blank, but I'm a little drunk so I could be off....

wait, office space?

i am jacks smirking revenge

It's hard to argue with truthful reason; the W. Bush administration is demonstrating leadership, something that this country has been without for a long time. Having said that, you people need to clean up your language; I cuss like a drunken sailor in "real life", but if all you can allude to is fellatio you need to post less and read more.

Fight Club, baybeeee. I must now go watch it. So much more fun than just Googling the Great Monday/Tuesday Controversy. Either way, awesome line.


Found it interesting that Ma Clinton was sitting next to Lieberman...something tells me we will see a lot more of them together in the future?

Speaking of the blue tie...

...and I too thought Kennedy was sleeping, but in the end it looked more like focused listening with eyes down (either that, or staring at his crotch and thinking what a loss Mary Jo Kopechnie was way back when).

Maybe Hillary is getting in early on the runup to next year's bloggies. (I'm sorry, I really couldn't resist!)

Maybe Hillary's getting in early for next year's Bloggies? (I'm sorry, I really couldn't resist!)


Hillary HAD just finished giving a blow job - to Barbara Boxer. It was on the unedited C-SPAN feed. You really should get it.

By the way - I have made a weekly chore for myself with my whole "Official nikita demosthenes Republican Babe of the Week" thing. I have to go, like, find a new "n.d. Republican Babe of the Week" now, um, every week. So - could you, maybe, volunteer for next week? A scary (or not scary) picture would be a nice touch too. Thanks.

I'm fairly certain the only reason there was no attack on the building during the State of the Union was because Ashcroft was the man left behind should there be an attack. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Mike Morgan, I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of your post. I disagree wholeheartedly with the last part. If Michele tells me to tone it down, I will, cause it's HER BLOG.

This is not a clean language zone. Sorry. I guess I'll have to put one of those rating bars up on the header.

Did anyone notice that Hillary! took a seat on the Armed Forces Committee recently. Even made courtsey call on Rummy!!! Now Hil can hop around the bases, visit DOD contractors and lunch with the Brass Hats.

A brilliant ploy to defuse the rap that she is anti-military. She can say "But I have been on the AFC and the military's friend for x years and I know...blah, blah, blah."

Yep, she's running. The woman may be pond scum...but she's very, very smart pond scum.


Mike Morgan has a point. All this talk about fellatio is a little much.

Let's talk about cunnilingus.

Mummy's Boy Teddy (74 year old) some time senator should not speak when he says others get their way by family privilage. He (Ted) got everything from others. What did he ever do on his own besides drive off a bridge and kill a young girl.