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SOTU pre game talk

I was going to do some live, up to the minute blogging play-by-play of the State of the Union address, but Stephen is ready to take that on. Not only will he do a better job than I would, he won't have two kids interrupting him to mediate fights over the Playstation.

Now, if this economy-size headache goes away, I will be doing a post-speech analysis.

Perhaps the SOTU drinking game will diminish the pain.


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I hate how they clap for 10 freaking minutes after every sentence he makes.

I was just going to say EXACTLY what Zach said. I am in the other room and all I hear right now is some sort of chemistry lesson - I think he is talking about cars. I am about to go conduct my own "chemistry" lesson with a bottle of wine, some oreos and the jar of peanut butter.

I love the whole...Ok, do we clap NOW? thing. And then, God FORBID one of them decides to stand up. Then it's 10 more minutes of clapping. Sheesh.

At roughly the half-way point, I can't see it easing anyone's headaches. Sorry.

i'm only canadian but my opinion is that it's almost sureal, like a scifi novel. it also seems like a performance more than any kind of reassurance.

Of course it's a performance. Remember, he has to project confidence and determination to not only the nation but to the world. He does sound sincere, though.

Believe me, I'll take our President over that moron Chretien any day of the week. Enjoy your 1 billion dollar gun registry, by the way.


Michele, you think you have videogame problems? My copy of Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball arrived yesterday, and I'm missing out on hi-res bikini girl action for a damn speech!

Your fellow countrymen and bloggers thank you for your sacrifice, Stephen.

It is a performance, I agree. This is a case where he has to act confident and assuring.....I like it better when a political figure acts better than when an actor plays political figure.

what guns? i don't know about no guns. bowling for columbine, duh. don't get me started about guns.

Actually, Jay, I was referring specifically to your country's planned national gun registry. Let's review:

1. When the gun registry was first introduced, Allan Rock, the Justice Minister, states that the registry will cost 2 million dollars Canadian to implement.

2. Continued implementation occurs under Sheila Copps and Martin Cauchon. Costs continue to rise, and the gun registry's computer systems are found to suffer from serious flaws.

3. Auditor General Sheila Fraser conducts an audit, which was completed recently. She reports that:
a. the gun registry will have costed over $1 billion Canadian by the time of full implementation (a 500x increase), and
b. she stopped the audit early, citing lack of cooperation from the Cauchon's Justice Ministry. Incidentally, this is the first time this has happened during an audit.

4. 8 out of 10 provincial justice ministers have now called on the Chretien government to suspend implementation, citing spiraling costs and questionable effectiveness.

5. A spokesman for the government recently stated that despite everything, the gun registry is useful, not to reduce crime, but to promote "Canadian values."

6. In the meantime, multiple fatal crashes involving the Canadian navy's Sea Kings, because there is no money in the budget to buy replacements for the decades-old helicopters.

This is off the top of my head, so feel free to fact check. Point is, your implied expression of Canadian moral superiority leaves something to be desired.

And as for Michael Moore, I've said earlier that this is a man whose ideology has trumped his obligation to tell the truth. He's admitted as such. As a result, Bowling For Columbine is hardly a credible reference for educating yourself on the American gun debate.

So, I'll repeat what I've said: enjoy your $1 billion dollar gun registry.