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what would rall draw?

I figured it was time for another Bitchslap Ted Rall Day, but someone beat me to it.

Explained in the words of Treacher: Rall agreed to do a Maakies strip, drew it, and submitted it. But Millionaire pulled a switcheroo on him. Millionaire and Hellman even concocted a "feud" for added flavor.

Poor, trusting Teddy.

My gleeful laugh for the day. I actually cackled when I saw it.

Thanks to Jim for sending me the image when Maakies was blocked from my work server. Yea, and I stole the title of the post from Jim, too.

(this post has been edited for clarity)


This reminds me of my economics professor. He'd come in every morning with photocopies of economic-minded comic strips. Nobody had any clue what the strips were talking about, but Mr. Newman couldn't stop cackling.

Just thought I'd share with you, here, Michele, on this day.

Er, and the strip is a gigantic slam on Rall, by the very guy he's suing for $1.5 million. There's a lot going on there, if you're not a huge nerd who's been following the thing for years.

When I clicked on Maakies this morning, it was just like getting free sausage gravy for my biscuits.

Well, thanks for the subtitle, Jim. Who says comic nerds aren't useful?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That wasn't mean. I have the creds to make fun of Jim. I can discuss the Jim Shooter/Harlan Ellison feud, and name why they hate each other so. Oh, and throw in a Gary Groth while I'm at it.


I just updated my blog entry about it to try to explain the background a little more, for the 99.9999999% of the people who have no idea what's going on there.

One way to make every day Bitchslap Ted Rall day - display a free dirty danny logo with a link to Danny's site.

Rall is such a hypocrite - suing somebody over an e-mail joke, then claiming that the our fascist government stifles dissent.

Wow, this is great. I hope I can be a professional cartoonist someday so I can needlessly exacerbate pathetic personal feuds at the expense of quality and concern for entertaining my loyal readers who could care less, too.

I'm sorry if I broke Rule 9, Michele, and forgive me for taking it personally, but I explained that over at my site. I hate that people actually care about this issue. The only thing promoting stupid petty crap like this does is ruin the credibility of professionalism in cartooning.