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Throughout this discussion there is a thread that becomes clear to me the more I read the philisophical pedantics at play.
In the sixties we marched and opposed the war in Vietnam because we did not trust the Government and its leaders who were of the Democratic Party. In fact the Chicago Convention of the Democratic party was blocked, demonstrated, placarded and overwhelmingly shut down because of liberal members of the left who opposed Vietnam. Distrust, mistrust and a lack of confidence in ...."anyone over thirty" seemed to be the rule of the day. Let alone the thought that Americans who lead were men of honor. They were baby killers etc etc.

Well, today I am much over thirty and I still do not care much for government. I cannot find more than one thing that the government does well. From the drivers license bureau to how the Fed handles money, albeit they are not officially Wash., government does not function with much efficiency. The only efficient system, we reveled in the television broadcasts of the Gulf War, is the ability of the American Armed Services to break things and kill with specificity.

Yet, just as the sixties....forties...had conflicts with Armies at play. They were larger geo-political forces that make government policies and focus crucial for my, now living Grandchildren. What kind of world are we going to live in the future.

Today we wonder will the World be dominated by those who believe in Theocracies. Those who believe they have the right to tell me how to think, write, live, breath and what I read and think about. We fought a world wide battle in the 1700's to ward off the thought that government had the right to tell you and me how to worship, think, speak and believe. Just check out the Bill of Rights and you will see that what the likes of those in Iraq and Iran and other totalitarian regimes of Islamic fundalmetalism do not like. We fought a battle to allow political freedom and personal freedom to be the right of Men.....the Bill of Rights.

Today that fight is again at the world's doorstep. Good men and women believed that if we ignore the likes of WWII's dictators they would go away and be nice. Read the good folks who thought we should stay out of European conflicts. Those misguided people, ie. Charles Lindberg were influenced by those who had a world view that was not functional then and it is not funtional now.

It is easy to throw the words Fascist around......Nazi.....etc etc. But in today's world ......where can you oppose your Government, voice your beliefs with freedom. And where is that dangerous?
Here or with those who might be termed the Axis of Evil.....before one starts to throw out verbage let's look at the world for what it is and for what it does. Who can defend the morality of Saddam Hussein or his political view of individual freedom .

Mr Lindberg was not vindicated by the outcome of WWII. The facts are that millions killed by totalitarian regimes, ovens, work camps and terror were only defeated by those whose might overcame evil. The horrors of the 1940's were not caused by those resisting tyrants. One would be accurate to postulate the effects of those who attempted to isolate or negotiate with Germany and its friends might have contributed to the pain of those who suffered under thier rule.

Rhetoric aside......the question is two fold. Does evil exist in the world or is it just another divergent view. And depending on the above conclusion how does one citizen individually and his counterparts corporately handle such questions. Do I trust my government. Not much! At least not much to run an efficient school lunch program. But I do trust my core beliefs. Historically free men do search for truth. And......I do trust brave men who would put their lives on the line to insure the continuity of such desires for truth. And especially against those who might harm or bring evil to this world again. Again Mr Lindberg was wrong. Evil affects us all. You cannot do nothing and expect the world to change. "all it takes is for good men and women to do nothing......"

Couldn't the money used to invade Irak have been used to feed some hungry children? There is alot more money involved in the military campaign than that anti-war ad.

Why didn't the US wait until now to liberate the Iraki from their tyrant leader? Why did the US finance Saddam Hussein in the first place if they knew he was this cruel? C'mon, we all know the US goverment doesnt really care about liberating the Iraki's from Saddam. If they were such bleeding hearts, they'd be working on liberating the North Koreans as well. But hey, why bother if it's not profitable, right?