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there once was a girl with a heart

The second annual Feral Living Valentine's Day Limerick Contest.

Of which I was a winner last year with this ditty:

Best limerick about the dangers of premature ejaculation

I once was in bed in New York
with a man who popped his cork
But he popped it too early
Which in turn made me surly
And I killed him off with a spork.

Think you can do better? Go enter


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Michele, you are post-tastic! You post on the weekends, which gives me something to read. There are not a lot of bloggers that post on the weekends, for some reason. Maybe because they're not at work and that's usually where they post. And you post like 1800 times a day, which appeals to my frequent visits to the list of weblogs i have.

I either have no life, or ignore the life I do have. Either way, it's a sad, sad commentary on how I spend my time.

Not that i don't enjoy it.

Cool. I'm rather partial to this one:

Here's to a man named Kent
Who had one so long that it bent.
So to save himself trouble
He stuck it in double
And instead of coming, he went.

I've entered my classic King Fahd blowjob limerick.

Trial run:

I saw this chick from afar
she was slinking out of a BAR
I ran up so quick
Chafeing my dick
It ended up all on her car

hehermmrm...hmmm. hiccough..slprrtt.hah.