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Tuesday Memo

To: Anti-war activists, Weapons Inspectors, Democrats

From: Me

Re: Smoking Gun

It is advised that you stop using the phrase "wait for the smoking gun" or any such phrase like it, as a smoking gun would imply that it is too late; a gun does not smoke until it has been fired.

Unless, of course, you think we should wait until the gun is actually smoking before we do anything about it.

But no one thinks like that.

Have a nice day.



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Perhaps "wait for the smoking craters in Manhattan" would be a better phrase.

The wait was over 14 months ago.

Actually a "smoking gun" implies proof that literally a weapon that has been used.

Oh ho! Woah! You've really got our number now! You're far too clever for us!

I bet you were quite pleased with yourself when you came up with that one. Lame.

Could there be any wisdom in a 62-year-old fireside chat relevant to the situation in Iraq?

"I assume that the German leaders are not deeply concerned, tonight or any other time, by what we Americans or the American Government say or publish about them. We cannot bring about the downfall of Nazism by the use of long-range invective. But when you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck before you crush him."

Michele, I posted this on January 10:

Where There's Smoke, There's a Spent Bullet Somewhere

You know what the real problem is with waiting for a "smoking gun" to be found in Iraq? In order for a gun to smoke, it had to have been fired. Remember that as you read those advocating another UN resolution that is dependent on the existence of a "smoking gun".

And Matt, yeah, it's too clever by half. But if you don't appreciate it, you probably don't really understand what the war's all about anyway.

Enjoy the Instalanche!