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make yourself at home..

In the beginning of the month, I made a post about the Laci Peterson case.

3 weeks later, it's turned into a little discussion area between a couple of people.

I just find that weird, like there are squatters sitting in my apartment and going through my fridge.

Interesting comments, though.


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Come on over to my place baby, because we have 50 plus excellent theories, speculation and analysis on the Laci Peterson case.

Really interesting.

Not a related subject (at all!) but I have the same phenomena going on here about Anna Nicole & Bobby Trendy. They won't go away! It's been 3 months.

That is sorta weird Michele...your comments just took on a life of its own.

Um, Michele? What is this in the blue container?? I think it's growing something...

Sheesh, clean out your fridge now and then, whydontcha?