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damn technology!

What a strange day. Is it that time of year when all the electronic stuff goes haywire?

The electricity has gone out several times today, just for a flash each time.

After the second time, the kids computer wouldn't go back on. I think it may be fried.

After the third time, the cable modem and digital cable went out. Then the cable modem was giving the good flashing code, yet the internet still would not comply.

Good thing it's all working now, because I'm watching the boobs being flashed over at blogwhore. First day and they're showing cleavage already.

Speaking of boobies, the boobie peeps are winning by a landslide so far, but I promise to cook up a photoshop version of the top three vote getters.

Oh, and I think Juan has officially lost it.


I'm dying to see Weapons of Mass Destruction Peeps :)

I wish I'd lost it. Sadly, it's still here.