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boiling point

It's Uday or Odai depending on what news source you're reading, but either way you spell his name, it still reads the same: out of his mind.

"The British and American troops will have no choice but to flee or meet the same fate that met their predecessors and that's to return home in plastic bags," said the newspaper Babil, owned by Saddam's son Odai. "The number of these bags will be so huge that neither Bush nor his insignificant sidekick Blair would be able to hide or lie about."

He reminds me of a badly written comic book character. You know, the guy who speaks in cheesy cliches and wears funny looking clothes and is generally made fun of by the other characters.

Problem is, Uday is real and he's hell bent on destruction enough that we should fear him.

Good thing his days are numbered. Perhaps.

The U.N. report is due today and, in my mind at least, it really doesn't matter what that report says. The U.N. is a meaningless, foolhardy entity whose words should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

The only thing we really need to know is that Saddam has threatened the lives of scientists who cooperate. That should tell you appeasement hounds something right there.

Yet, voices continue to be raised in opposition. We need more time, they say. More time for what? To be cut off at the pass at every chance? To be lied to and sent on a wild goose chase? The more time we waste, the more chances that Odie and Daddy will let loose the dogs of hell upon us.

The longer we wait, the more danger stalks us. The realization of a link between Saddam and bin Laden is getting stronger, which makes this story of chemical warfare suits found in a mosque in Britian all the more frightening.

Things are coming to a head. I can feel it, the world can feel it. We are in a very physical game of tug-of-war and soon, very soon, one side is going to fall face down into the mud.

Who do you want it to be? Who are you rooting for? Are you a human shield? Are you crying for peace or appeasement? Are you still looking for root causes and blaming George Bush for creating fake terrorism?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are on the wrong side and I address this to you:

You think Iraq is complying? Think again. It's just wishful thinking on your part, so you can pontificate some more about how evil Amerikkka is and how we are arrogant capitalist pigs who are about to engage in a war for oil.

When all is said and done, you and all your socialist cohorts will be hiding your heads in the filthy ground you walk on once you know what lies behind those palace doors of your beloved, saintly Saddam. Go. Go be a human shield. Tie yourself to the pillars of the palace, strap yourself to Uday's back, straddle an unused nuclear warhead. If you believe so much that the Iraqi people do not want to be free, if you believe so much that Saddam is a misunderstood, benevolent man who builds daycare centers, then go be with him. Be there as we take him out and uncover all the sordid truth about tortures and murders and a regime that ruled with fear and death.

That said, let's for a moment imagine what happens if Bush does back down, if we don't go in and liberate Iraq. Read this. Read it again. Think long and hard about it.

To hell with France, to hell with Germany and to hell with any other pansy, leftist, shrunken balls country that does not want to take part in this. We don't need you. But god damn, you can be sure that those countries would be the firs to cry "help me!" like a fly stuck in a spider's web if Uday and Daddy decide to unleash those dogs on their soil.

War is coming. It will not be pretty. People will die. Innocent people will die. But in the end, a previously fearful people will learn to thrive again. A path will have been cleared to make way toward peace in the middle east region. A great threat to our world, and the funding to another great threat to our world will have been erased.

Imagine again what happens if we let Saddam reign on.

Which blood do you want on your hands? The blood of innocent victims of a war for freedom, democracy and safety, or the blood of thousands, if not millions, who will die in the ensuing years if we let Iraq remain as is?

The time has come. The time is now.


This fellow should really look into the checklist for being an Evil Overlord. He seems to need some guidance from more experienced heads.

Sounds like some bad Conan/Rambo ripoff.

If you want a more in depth look at the SOB, do an internet search under "Mark Bowden" and "Atlantic Monthly." Mark Bowden is the guy who wrote Blackhawk Down.

Yeah, I'm real terrified of their new weapon of mass destruction, aka "The Zip-Lock Baggies of Death." One whiff of any chemical or biological warhead, and he'll learn a new phrase:

Sea of Glass.

Aren't body bags mostly rubber?

You'll note that he's quoted in "Babil." Quite appropriate, I'd say, considering the nature of his ranting.


Don't have a clue Laurence, I've never seen one except on TV. Are they?

Aaaah, Mike says they are because plastic is porous. Logical, but makes my previous statement totally nonsensical. I'll have to think of a new name.

Maybe they should've cooked my brain a little longer in the CAT scan machine this morning. I don't think it's quite done.

Spot on, Michele.

The only thing I hope is that Uday, serial rapist that he is, get's Ceaucescued along with his evil dad and brother. I figure having his penis ripped off and shoved down his throat would be an appropriate way for him to die.

I want em alive. We skin their lil thingys, give em sensation-enhancing drugs, then have Michele strip for em. Repeat as necessary. That'll cause some pain!

Only problem I can see is they may prefer (no offense intended, Michele) goats or little boys.

pfeh, let him run his mouth off. the more people he pisses off, the faster he gets killed. the faster he gets killed, the more points i get for him in the dead pool.


Centcom's new super computer coordination center in Qater will be ready for action by the end of this week. Just in time for the new moon. That's a convenient coincidence.

Maybe we could pipe a little of The Doors' 'This is the End' over to them. What do you think?