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monday memo

Ah, Monday.

This is going to be a big week on all fronts - news, personal and blogging.

The U.N. report is due today, State of the Union tomorrow, DJ's birthday on Thursday and Blogwhore 2: Electric Bugaloo begins today.

Kidding, it's not called Electric Bugaloo.

I had so much fun with Blogwhore last year, that I'm back for more, this time in the peanut gallery where I get to talk trash on the contestants.

BH2 runs until the end of February, so if you are interested in what kind of mayhem and debauchery I am stirring up over there, you'll be able to find the link in my sidebar.

Coffee, and then on with the news.


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It might be easier for us to care about Blogwhore if it explained somewhere on the site what Blogwhore IS. Very confused. A game? A group blog? What is Blogwhore?

I'm on the same wavelength with you, I think. This week, I've got a product launch at work (will be here late tonight), have to go clean my apartment, get health insurance forms, pack, get cats to Dad so he can take them to the kennel for a week, catch a plane to LA, watch the State of the Union, and cross my fingers there won't be any reprisal attacks against the US.

And that's just between today and Thursday morning. As long as the Sex Pistols and the Starbucks holds out, I should be okay.