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is it baseball season yet?

Well, yay Tampa Bay. I hope you all aren't sticking around to watch Jon Bon Blowme.

And please tell me you're not going to watch the Jimmy Kimmel show.

That's all the fun for today, folks. Not that any of you were around much. So now that the game is over, you can back through all the posts I made today, because I took so much time out of my day in an attempt to entertain you.

There will be an oral test tomorrow.

Hey Robyn, Stacy....what time does the rioting start?


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you'll have to call me at work, i get in around 8:45.

and, just to be contrary, i have to say that i didn't watch a lick of the superbowl. just fear factor and a lot of trading spaces that were on my tivo.

Thanks for telling me who won :)
and I have a dentist appt tomorrow, do you need a doctors excuse?

I read, I voted, you rock.

No mon, we don't riot down here...we wave flags and hoot and drink. We love everybody, mon.

I'm back. Sorry, I was getting drunk and tailgating at a friend's house.

Hardly a high-intensity Super Bowl Sunday tho over in ol' Blighty. Only two of us watching, one of who didn't know the rules, and the other one (that's me, by a process of elimination) who insisted in waking up the guy's parents repeatedly (8 hour time gap) by performing Terrell Owens-esque celebration routines on top of the coffee table every time the Bucs scored (which was, gee, a WHOLE lotta times).

In the end, I was threatened with ejection and had to satisfy myself with freaking out the entire room by hissing mumbled phrases in Latin at the family cats. Knew school would come in handy someday, if only to put me on the 'committed' list...

Still, Jerry Rice scores, and those bastards across the Bay get their asses kicked humiliatingly. Doesn't get any better than this.

PS. Interesting tidbit...my vote (as of 27/1) for most out-of-left field choice for in-studio game analyser goes to Channel 5, UK for their decision to entrust the indepth analysis of the Bucs defensive nickel package and the effectiveness of the Oakland o-line to...um...


Yes, that's what I thought.

No rioting -- just a 20-mile stream of cars down Dale Mabry honking their asses off! We plan to join 'em at the official celebration tomorrow night at the stadium!

Hey... somebody say "oral"???
I'm there!

I was here all the time, wench!

Umm, what's wrong with Jimmy Kimmel? I enjoyed listening to him on the KROQ Kevin and Bean Show all the time, till I moved to the Bay Area.

"There will be an oral test tomorrow."

[raises eyebrow suggestively]

(Yes, I have the mind of a teenager.)

"oral" exam? Good thing I've been boning up on the subject at Bob Jones UNiversity (BJ-U)!

Still amped from doing lines off a stripper's boobies after the game, even though my beloved Raiders got trounced. Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So where's all the boobies I've heard rumored of on this site? I've only been hanging around here for a week or so. Links, people, links to boobies are demanded!


Jimmy Kimmel rocks, and The Man Show needs to win a few Emmies or whatever they call those award things.

No, I stayed up for "Alias". Jennifer Garner in lingerie!

No rioting in Tampa, just people celebrating?? Wow how civilized. What we got here in the Bay Area were some torched cars, fast food joints ablaze and a policeman beat up. Wonder what those damn loser Raider fans would've done if the team had actually won. Oakland would be burning still...oh wait...maybe that would've been a good thing.