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your virtual remote

The game is quickly approaching Cowboys-Bills status (see January 31, 1993).

I'm here to help in case you were looking for something else to watch.

Planet of the Apes (the orignal, not that other drek) is on Fox Movie Channel.

There's two anti-war socialists in action: Woody Harrelson in Kingpin on Showtime and Susan Sarandon in Stepmom on TBS.

But why torture yourself with those movies when you can watch The Pet Psychic on Animal Planet?

Oh wait, it's 34-15 now. Maybe it will get close.

Nah, animal psychic, here I come.

Oh, don't forget to vote!


i'm watching trading spaces and surfing internet underwear sites...

It ain't over with that Rice TD -- I wanna hurl.

Kingpin is great. I hope you watched that.

I watched Trading Spaces and the Two Fat Ladies marathon on TVFood Network. I'm still a bit ticked that WB didn't have Charmed on tonight though.