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now that's a halftime show

My god, do you see Shania's boobs jiggling?

She looks like a superhero in that outfit. Glitterboob Girl.

Dayum. Yeeha.

Yea, this girl loves her some hot boobies.

Gwen has no boobies. But she has nice abs.

*update* John Madden has man boobies. They do nothing for me.


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Did you see her stop singing and the recording keep going? Even my son noticed that.

I love that picture of Lenore (the girl in the upper right hand corner of the page, folks).

It's perfect!

Hah! We had the sound off and some music on, so I didn't even notice.

My roommate and I were thinking that we wouldn't wear that outfit to go shopping in, 'cause there'd be nowhere to put the shoplifted turkeys. But then he pointed out that you could steal anything you wanted 'cause everybody would be distracted-like. So I'd wear that getup with a big-ass knapsack on my back, and steal all the turkeys I wanted, amen.

Was it just me or did Gwen sound a bit like she was imitating Sting? I mean, she actually sounded like I sound when I'm singing along to that song.. even so, I love The Gwenster.

I wish I could remember the name of the veteran country songwriter who said this, but I remember his quote, an allegory for the state of "modern country:"

"Shania Twain is the highest-paid lap-dancer in America."

Her boobs were hanging out, but she apparently was too chicken to actually perform live.

Gwen Stefani on the other hand, may not have the body Shania does, but she is so much more hot, because she isn't (at least that's the way it appears) a phony.

And I wish that Subway guy would blow up like a balloon again because I'm sick of seeing him on the tube.

I've got a nice ass. Does THAT count?

Babe, that counts for more than you know.

Gwen is the second most beautiful woman in the world but for Sherilyn Fenn......... PERIOD.
My Joe calls Shania Twain "Shania Twain's Breasts". Her video "Don't Impress Me Much" got me to stop poking fun of her and thus fall in love......she's up there in the top 10 even if she does lip sync:). Sting lost ME when when The Police broke up... Nice 1/2 time show nonetheless.........what's the score, anyway?

just send me a football player please...

I loathe John Madden. He is such a freaking retard. I once heard him ramble for 10 minutes or so about an injured player, who might have a break or a sprain...he didn't know which was a more serious injury but it was probably a sprain.

He just now said, "I used to think that, but now I no longer agree with what I used to think."

While I can certainly appreciate just how good looking Shania Twain is, Gwen Stefani is top-shelf finestkind smooookin' hot.

Yes... I enjoyed the halftime show very much. Got back from the superbowl party at the Log Cabin (where well all be meeting for an dinner and karaoke for the East Coast Blogger thing).

I wish Gwen Stefani would seek therapy to get the hell over her break-up with that dude in the band - half the songs on every album are about it.

It wasn't until after Shania's showing that my wife informed me that she was wearing some ugly boots. I said, "boots? She was wearing boots?"

I couldn't help but not notice.

"Gwen Stefani on the other hand, may not have the body Shania does,"

I may have to buy you glasses Jay.

Gwen beats Shan-I-uh in every category.

I'd give my big toe to have sex with Gwen... if I wasn't happily married of course.

I missed the halftime show but I just saw the Shania pics at:

Gwen Stefani too:

I thought Shania looked a little like Evil Lynn from the He Man movie....ya know, the one with Dolph Lundgren... except her boobies jiggled more.

'Gwen beats Shan-I-uh in every category.'

...except the one michele mentioned.

don't say that Gwen has no boobs cos she does have them! They are just small! I have small boobs too but I still have them!!