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football fun 4: blogger superhero bowl

Here, I provide you with halftime entertainment.

Oh, and I won $75 the first quarter. Football has been very, very good to me.

The Weapons Inspector Superbowl is over, with Hans Blix prevailing over Scott Ritter.

Now, for your halftime extravaganza amusement (I mean, besides looking at Gwen Stefani's ass), I present the first ever Blogger Superheroes Superbowl.

(final results below)

Final results:

Amishman v. Treachercreature

Treachercreature (29) 45%

Amishman (36) 55%

Seki has agreed to take on the winner, so she will fight Amishman to the death tonight.

Wrestler type guys made with the Mucha Luca machine, found via that Electric Bugaloo guy with the good tagline and Julie, who would know what I mean if I suddenly yelled Squee!.


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i tuned in to see what colour their little costumes were and i vote for the shiney tight ones!

I want one of my own now

...somebody's been to Mucha Lucha.com! :-)

I'll take on the winner...

Oh,yea! Can't wait to make my Sekimor toon!

I'll mudwrassle Seki anytime! I'm all set to go.

The Mighty Solonor!

What the hell is this?

squee! hehehe

finally! someone else knows what mucha lucha is!

oi tudo bom