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minus the archives

There once was a blogger named Jim
Who went away on a whim
We all missed our Treacher
And his humorous feature
We begged and he has given in.

Treacher's back and he's making a difference.


Who won the pool for how long he'd be gone?

There once was a fellow named Treacher
Known as a well-endowed creature
When he whipped it out
The women would shout
Now THERE'S a most excellent feature!

If anybody wants to whip up a sign that looks better than that, and how could you not, go for it.

There once was a big nerd named Jim
Who resembled a drunk cherubim
When a post 'bout a dog
Made him take down his blog
Took a week to knock sense into him

There was a guy whose blog didn't suck
He could be a belligerent fuck
But I loved him the same
so much that I came
When he said he liked Howard the Duck

Yay! (for Treacher's return, not Howard the Duck.)