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admit it, you liked the spice girls movie

I already know I have weird taste in movies. But looking at Jay's latest post, I realized that I go against the mainstream almost everytime.

I hated Forrest Gump. Is there anyone else out there who hated it?

I also hated Castaway. And I've never seen Titanic.

(Very) Guilty pleasure: I loved Princess Diaries.

Oh, shut it. We all have those movies we loved. Steel Magnolias, anyone?


I loathed Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump, that the one set in the 70's where he's in love with the girl who was molested as a child and died toward the end...?

Oh wait, that was Patch Adams, I can't tell the two movies apart.

Anyone remember "Blue Velvet", with Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rosellini, and the guy from "Twin Peaks"? Anyone want to explain to me what the hell that movie was about???

Blue Velvet was shot in my hometown. Dennis Hopper owns property here, and visits a lot. So does Linda Lavin from 'Alice'. I always thought it would be cool if those two crazy kids got together.
Think of the wacky sitcom possibilities.

About two hours too long, e (badum-chick). Thanks everybody! Drive safely!

My hatred of Ferret Gimp is strong. What I was particularly distainful of was the Baby Boomer feel good quality of it. Like as a generation they had only done good things throught his one man.... Bleeechhhh

honey, i seriously LOVE Steel Magnolias.
felt lukewarm about Forrest, Forrest Gu-ump.

guilty pleasure: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. i heart Janeane Garofalo.

I hated Titanic. I thought Castaway sucked.

Movies I liked? The Princess Bride!!! ahahahahaha. Dogma. About a Boy.

Oh well, I kinda liked Gump. True, it was schmaltzy Hollywood product, but it was often clever and somewhat imaginative, and I've seen worse films. I liked Cast Away as well. So sue me.

And y'know what? I liked Cutthroat Island. That's right. And I consider Dude, Where's My Car? a laugh riot, one of the funniest films I've seen in many a moon. And Bran, I liked Romy and Michelle too, but I heart Mira Sorvino.

I didn't like the Spice Girls movie all that much, even though I liked their music for the most part. It was just kinda amateurish and seemed rushed. Hell, it probably was, to make a few bucks before their 15 minutes were up! Almost missed the deadline, too...

Never seen Titanic, also thought Castaway sucked. I didn't understand Forrest Gump. Me bein' a sheltered kid who still hasn't had time to catch up on all the movies her parents wouldn't let her watch, I haven't seen Steel Magnolias either.

Forrest Gump was awful. I was rooting for him to drown in the reflecting pool.

I'll agree with mouse on The Princess Bride, Dogma and About A Boy, and I'll throw in This is Spinal Tap, Empire of the Sun, Repo Man and Go as well.

The guilty pleasure has to be The Poseidon Adventure. Shelly Winters, Ernest Borgnine and his hooker wife, the annoying blond kid, and "there's got to be a Morning After" as a semi-theme song. It dont get much cheesier than that.

Okay, I liked the Princess Diaries when I rented it from Netflix.

And Steel Magnolias has a permanent home in my DVD player. Along with Moonstruck, and Raising Arizona.

Michele, you know I love you more than my luggage.

I liked Forrest Gump the first time I saw it.

By the time I met the 10,000,000th person who loved it, absolutely loved it, I decided I hated it. It should have been this tiny little film that a few people thought was a charming and interesting and quirky departure for Hanks. It should have made 5 million at the box office, and gotten 2 and a half stars from most critics.

I'm otherwise really sick of movies that pretend like shallow, stupid people are heroes. But should we be surprised that Hollywood worships such things?

I really liked Steel Magnolias as well. I thought Dolly Parton was hilarious and that is was a sweet movie (although I can't stand Sally Field).
I have seen neither Castaway nor Titanic and frankly, I don't think I ever will.
I just saw the first half of Lord of the Rings yesterday and although I wouldn't say it sucked I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Maybe it gets better on the second disc.
Guilty pleasures: City Slickers, Jerry Maguire, Happy Gilmore, and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

Aha! I knew it! Jane has her Lifetime Movie Network and you have your Steel Magnolias! I don't have to worry about 'Signs' at all now.

BTW, I liked Forrest Gump the first time I saw it, but after awhile it gets annoying. And I thought early on it may have deserved Best Picture, but as time has gone by, I realize that 'Pulp Fiction' (one of the best movies of all time) was robbed big time. I am also sick and tired mentally disabled Oscars being given out.

I watched Titanic once and have refused to allow that piece of shit to play in my house. How that crap beat a fine film like LA Confidential for Best Picture is beyond me. The Academy should be ashamed of themselves.

Cast Away? I felt ripped off. I thought it was going to be about how a man adapted to life on a deserted island. Instead it was a movie about how a man adapted to life after being on a deserted island for 4+ years.

A guilty pleasure of mine? The movie 'Road Trip.' It's all cliche dick, fart, and stoner jokes but for some reason, I laugh like all hell when I watch it.

Forrest Gump the book was excellent.
Forrest Gump the movie sucked balls.

Hate Forrest.
How 'bout Ground Hog's Day.I wanna go to Punxitawny. 80's movies: Breakfast Club, Valley Girl, 16 Candles...

I hated Forrest Gump, ignorance is NOT bliss. God, I want that wasted time back.

watch forest gump for the meaning of the feather.

i liked all the godzilla movies.. anything sci-fi like "Infra-man".

i loath anything with ben affleck.

Agree on Gump.heart to Romy and Michelle,Repo man ,add Used Cars and Escape from NY,just rewatched the Kevin Smith collection including the 'An Evening With" double DVD.I would suck his dick.

Forrest Gump is so disgustingly schmaltzy the one time I did see it I felt like I should go vomit.

Castaway I have refused to see on principle alone.

Titanic was an epic waste of time. By the time the old woman was throwing the necklace into the water I was just hoping she would fall overboard herself.

Steel Magnolias, on the other hand, is a movie I can quote almost verbatim.

HATED Forrest Gump, mostly because I'd read the book and didn't know they could mangle one so badly for a movie. Refuse to ever watch Titanic. Steel Magnolias rocked!!

[guilty confession]
I bought Pootie Tang yesterday.
And I thought it was funny. Laughed out loud, even.
[/guilty confession]

I can agree with the above posts that FG loses its charm the 2cd-80th time through. Pootie Tang has topped my favorites list for a long time. its up there with KIDS, (mostly because i watched it with my friends, and we thought it was hilarious most of the time), and lately, oceans 11 has been on every other day on hbo, and i just can't not watch it.
on the topic of movies i cant stand that the mainstream embraced: didnt understand the hoopla of Lord of the Rings, in fact, i fell asleep. couldn't stand the goo that was titanic, i wasn't entertained by the Fast and the Furious nearly as much as my peers were, and i didnt think Ice Age was all that funny. hahaha, a human baby, and a SABER TOOTH TIGER!!! dont tigers EAT babies!?! oh wait, i guess thats the joke. ::vomit::

"I just saw the first half of Lord of the Rings yesterday and although I wouldn't say it sucked I really don't see what all the fuss is about."

BLASPHEMER! Persecute and kill the heretic!

I liked... I can't even say it.

I liked Howard the Duck.

Steel Magnolias has some of the best movie lines ever in it. My favorite being, "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me!"

Guilty pleasures off the top of my head: The Parent Trap, Twister, The Sound of Music, and most Disney animated features.

Treach...er, I, um...I did, too. hangs head

Howard The Duck?

Sheesh, now I really don't feel bad.

Hey, if you want a guilty pleasure, how about...

Barb Wire

Forrest Gump was a waste of time,
Castaway could have been good, but stunk,
loved LOTR,
favorite movies - Hunt for Red October (Sean Connery, yum)
The Abyss, The Night of the Comet....
ask me why and I couldn't tell you, I just like 'em.

Movies that have been addressed by you jackasses:

1. Forrest Gump. Only saw it once, but enjoyed it. Simple, schmaltzy fun. I have had no interest in seeing it again, though.

2. Titanic. Loved it. Didn't mind the silly love story, and loved the actual sinking. Horrific. Not a perfect movie, but enjoyable. (I like James Cameron movies as a rule. He blows things up real good.)

3. Steel Magnolias. Know the damn thing by heart.
"He's a real gentleman. I'll bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it."

My additions:

4. Fried Green Tomatoes. On the same level as Steel Magnolias. "Face it girls. I'm older and I have more insurance."

5. Buckaroo Banzai - Across the Eighth Dimension. Pure Eighties slop. Who can resist Jeff Goldblum in spotted chaps? Not to mention the watermelon in a press.

6. Little Shop of Horrors (1986). Great music. Weird characters. A large singing plant. Fucking perfect.

7. Sabrina (1995). The single most fun I've ever had with a romantic comedy. Worth it all to see Nancy Marchand, while wearing a hideous kimono-like dress, say, "do I look stupid? I've never thought of myself as stupid, but maybe I am."

8. Pollyanna. All right, Stop laughing, you fuckers. I LOVE this movie. Haley Mills kicks ass. And Karl Malden kicks even more ass.

9. Amelie. This is one of the most inventive movies I've ever seen. Romantic, odd, beautiful, confusing, and really really cool. Awesome visuals, and great characters.

10. MST3K's version of "The Day the Earth Froze." The single best movie they ever did. Crazy Russo-finnish disaster of a movie. The flaming moose makes me laugh every time. Started off with the short "Here Comes the Circus!", which was the second best short they ever did. ("Mr. B Natural" was the best.

Many more, but I'm making too long of a comment already.

"Forrest Gump" was boring. "Castaway" blew chunks. Is it an accident that Tom Hanks was in both of them? He was so good in"Big." What the hell happened? When did the blood sugar count rise so much? "Titanic" was okay, except for the always-irritating Leonardo DiCaprio. I don't know why he was set up to be some sort of matinee idol. Sorry, but I prefer men whose skulls have already closed. I don't do mawkish.

My guilty pleasure: I had the pleasure of discovering LOTR director Peter Jackson over a decade ago when I saw "Dead Alive." If you've never seen it, suffice to say it looks like some senior college student's prosthetic makeup thesis. I liked that movie so much I bought it. It was the big test for my significant other. I told him that if he could not sit through that movie to the end that we were not meant to be together. He didn't even need a barf bag. It's one of our faves to this day. He obviously passed the test. We're nearly ten years strong now. :)

"I kick ass for the Lord!"

Pootie Tang rules! see wadi kah!

I hated Forrest Gump and Tittanic, but I absolutely loved Coyote Ugly. Although Adam Garcia wasn't shirtless nearly enough in it.

I went to grad school where parts of Gump were shot. Never could see the whole damn movie. Ugh. And never saw Castaway because Hanks - well, too many movies with him in it and I get bored. I had the same problem with Meryl Streep in the 80s and one dared not say anything about her because she was an Actress. I'm afraid I don't like Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan movies either. Saw Titanic - liked the effects, sets and costumes, movie was dull. I told the first person who said they loooooved it the entire plot based on seeing one trailer for the damn thing, not like that was difficult. I liked Magnolias until the death business got too sticky. I get extremely pissed over movies that set out to make me cry. (Especially at the theater dammit!)

But whoa - y'all are freakin me out most deeply on the Howard the Duck thing. Not that I haven't seen it every time it comes on cable, but boy that was baaad...

Keith - Mr B Natural was indeed a classic! Makes my skin crawl justing thinking about it! Good call! My favorite of MST is still Cave Dwellers. I wish they'd hurry and put everything out on DVD! And Steve Martin as the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors - epic. But Keith - Polyanna? Er, I've seen it too. You're a brave man, Keith, thanks for sharing.

But not as brave as you folk who are lovin on Howard the Duck. Wow. I don't know whether to praise you or run away...
(Run away! Run away!)

Castaway did suck. Big time. Have to admit that I enjoyed Forrest Gump though...

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favorite movies ever. I also love Steel Magnolias, The Patriot, and The Princess Bride. And I'm a sucker for anything Disney.

At least I admit to my odd taste in movies...

Never saw Castaway or Titanic (also avoided The Crying Game based on good info from my sister).

Hated Forrest Gump and it took me years to realize why. It had to do with the scene at the anti-war rally. He is about to make his statement on the Vietnam War and the director punks out and has the sound system go hay-wire so we never hear Gump's 'profound' thoughts on Southeast Asia. What a chickenshit move. Just for that , Forrest Gump gets my award for Best Fence-Sitting in a Comedy/Drama/Whatever the hell it was. Can't have Forrest actually give us his fucking OPINION, can we? That would actually involve something besides running, playing ping-pong and kissing that nitwit bimbo's ass.

Guilty pleasures: Real Genius, They Live, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

When I saw "Gump" the first time, it was on a bus ride... I was the only one who loathed it, everyone else was talking about how clever it was. Ick.

Thank you, Keith, for mentioning "The Day the Earth Froze". That's the one with "the Sampo", isn't it?

Just saw "Shallow Hal" on cable, and I liked it. I guess I was the only one who did.