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bottoms up!

Guess what time it is, folks? Time for another shot! Name your poison and toss one back.

This time it's the Gleeful Extremist, who has delinked both myself and Rachel Lucas.

And with this post, Rachel Lucas joins a small victory as the only two deleted from my blogroll for idiocy. She gives her spin to the Thacker story by simple contradiction (no facts to back 'em up) and insults (while insulting Thacker herself).

I'm not sure which idiocy it was of mine that Jamie delinked me for, but suffice it to say I didn't notice. She called Rachel an idiot. That means two shots.
This shot's for you, Jamie!

(shotglass from Coop, photoshopping of said shot glass by me)


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Stupid.....delinking you. Doesnt that idiot know that you write the best anti-war protestor porn?

Well, isn't this a shocker...

Oh, and as Rachel herself pointed out, Thacker was referring to anal sex, which certainly does hurt someone. Every single time. Rip rip rip go your insides when forced to accept something your body is not supposed to. This is why anal sex is so conducive to transmitting AIDS: It causes your anus to bleed. The virus then gets into the bloodstream. It is always harmful.

Wait... is this all anal sex or just homosexual anal sex? If it's all, well, there goes Backdoor Night in the Amish Tech Support Sleeping Quarters. Damn.

And accepting things your body isn't supposed to, well, heck, there goes wearing earrings (you've got to punch holes in your body to hold them), tattoos (you've got to inject the dye into skin instead of pain the surface), pacemakers, organ transplants, insulin pumps and artificial joints.

Good news is that category includes bullets, even if in many cases it's a vast improvement on the original design. I think Yasser Arafat would be greatly improved with a few dozen .223's in his skull.

hooray! tequila!

i'm not important enough to be delinked for slandering thacker. sigh oh, wait... tequila! yay!!!

What I find amusing is that this person quotes the APA when calling homosexuality as a mental disorder. Apparently somebody needs to brush up on Psych. 101 because any recent pych course will tell you that they later discovered that was a fallacy and retracted their earlier statements.

I'm making customized White Russians tonight, so I will have one for each of you.

annie, didn't you notice he covered that? It's because "homosexual activists" forced them to!

Of course, it isn't true. See:


oh ick! ick! ick! I am sorry but ick! what a load of tripe she wrote there.

Here's to you!
raises shot of whiskey

Thank the Gods this keeps happening on Fridays. It sure makes it easier to celebrate knowing at least most of us have a day off tomorrow to recoup. CHEERS, Michele......... Love you! S

I have a REAL need to get my drink on tonight...can I de-link and re-link a few times, just to get good and tipsy? It shouldn't take much, since I haven't had a drink in....crap...8 months.

Apparently somebody needs to brush up on Psych. 101 because any recent pych course will tell you that they later discovered that was a fallacy and retracted their earlier statements.

Yyyeah. Homosexuality was removed as a mental disorder recently, too.

Like, 1973.

You'd think it wouldn't take so long to catch up, would you?

That was me. Weird.

It appears that some de-linkings are for the best.


Awww, isn't it cute when they get pissed off at you? I find it eminently hilarious.

This is the first time anyone has ever de-linked me (that I know of), and sure enough, it's an "extremist" who thinks I'm an "idiot" because I don't have a problem with homosexuality.

Fantastically UNsurprising.

I wouldn't have even known about this if Michele hadn't told me - I didn't know I was on Jamie's blog in the first place. Actually I didn't even know it existed before today.

So I'm PRETTY SURE I won't be losing any sleep over this.

But I damn well will take a shot for it! Woo-hoo!

It's fun to be de-linked! Down the hatch and in the belly, yuuummmmm....

Heh. With links like those...

Q: How many wacknuts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: One. They hold the bulb to the socket and the world turns 'round them

Gees...bloggin' is just like recess in grade school.

Who gives a rats ass.

Can I have a double w/ a beer back?

And with this post, Rachel Lucas joins a small victory as the only two deleted from my blogroll for idiocy. She gives her spin to the Thacker story by simple contradiction (no facts to back 'em up) and insults (while insulting Thacker herself). [emphasis mine]

Wait a sec, did Thacker have sex reassignment surgery when I wasn't looking? S/he must have liked dick after all! I mean, surely it wasn't so s/he could become a lesbian.

OK, so it was just poor grammer, albeit quite entertaining. If the dude was referring to Rachel, then it should have been "while herself insulting Thacker." As written, the pronoun "herself" refers to Thacker, not Rachel.

Great grammer there, Jamie. Did you, perchance, attend Bob Jones University? Lots of Nobel and Pulitzer laureates there.

Heh-heh, "BJ" University. Are Oral Roberts and his son Anal are on the Board of Directors? As a novice at said form of gratification, I wonder if studying under the stellar faculty there would help my technique.


To more serious matters......

Numerous Coronas down the hatch tonight

I'll have what Tanya's having.
In fact, I'll share the shot glass with her.
In fact, she can sit on my lap while we drink!!!

I found it somewhat amusing that the Gleeful Extremist site doesn't allow visitors to comment on the entries. NO DISSENTING OPINIONS FOR YOU!

So, exactly what is the protocol for de-linking someone? I mean, do you send them an email to let them know? Leave hateful comments on their blog? Do you follow up with an engraved "I'm glad you're gone" letter? What?

Miss Manners does NOT cover this topic

What kind of perver...er, I mean person cares who is boinking whom and in which orifice said insertion is taking place? Sheesh.

Who is this Jamie, and why should anyone care?
Damn... and I made myself a massive following BECAUSE I'm an idiot!

Where are you and Rachel going wrong?

Given the problems s/he seems to have about homosexuals, I'm guessing I know which posts got him/her riled.

It has to be a bid for attention...or hits. Right? Make a big show of de-linking a blog that means something, a blog that offers something fresh and intelligent, and you'll get scores of the curious visiting your pathetic little rag.

But they never stay, do they? You can't offer anything worthwhile, so they go back to the blog you de-linked, while you bleat in obscurity, "Who needs them anyway?"

I'm not a straight tequila type of person, so I'm toasting you & Rachel with Moscato (dessert wine). Keep up the good work, both of you.

i just gave here what for on my page.

Yikes. The fact that this extremist guy seems literate and is able to use a computer reeks of some weird Jurassic Park type genetic experiment involving a neanderthal.

At one time the Gleeful Extremist allowed for comments. However, when the sap is losing a debate, he either deletes comments or deletes the comments sections entirely. What a pussy.

Why should we care?? There are hundreds of these wackos who believe the same things as Jamie McDonald, A.K.A. The Gleeful Extremist.

We should care enough to keep them away from getting power in government, media, etc. If they get in control of the government they will change laws to take women's rights away, gay rights, abolish all gun laws, ban immigration, abolish the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce and Labor. Abolish the National Endowment of the Arts. We need to always keep these morons away from power. They have a very secretive society and have a large chain of organizations to take over. We must keep them in check.

Uhh, Jodi, they can come and get the Dept's of Education, Energy, Commerce, and Labor, Take them, please! While they're at it, lets also give them most of the gun laws (Do you believe of the right of the National Guard only to free speech?), and the NEA to boot. All of the above taxpayer funded jobs programs for bureaucrats, bad artists, or failed teachers (read: administrators).


drinking the whole bottle of tequila, fuck the shot glass. ...

It was about time I updated my own links anyway, so I finally added Michele and Rachel to my list. :) Just my little deed of community service for the day, and I was damn "gleeful" when I did it!!!

Keep up the great work!

Cheers to The Gleeful Extremist! Another blog which is now on my "never heard of him/her, and now officially ignored!" list.

White Cargoes, anyone?

well, now, i haven't read this blog in a while (like, a couple months) and i just notcied all this delinking shot-taking. and, uh, wow, i gotta wonder why de-linkers gotta be such morons by publicizing their ridiculous reasons for delinking and thereby exposing themselves to whatever ridicule the internet wants to dish out. also, being morons.

anyhow, i was one of those morons who delinked michele a while ago, when i realized that as the amount of time i devoted to blog-reading went way down, the frequency of michele's posting went way up and i could not keep up (now it is winter break and i have devoted the last three days to reading stuff here). alas, the new semester starts monday and i will revert to never reading a small victory and reading my othe favorite blogs half as often as i would like to.

i tell you this because that's gotta be worth at least a shot and a half, and one of you better slip me some `cause i'm underage. ;)

No way. Emily's delinking doesn't count. I like her too much.

She's funny.

Yeah, yeah. I am, in fact, sorry I used the word "idiocy." It was inappropriate and I've edited the original post along with a retraction.

Believe me, I did nothing of the sort for readership, and removing my comment system had nothing to do with that post.

But if it's an excuse for a shot, then I'll de-link you five or six times.

Oh, and I really don't read this site anymore -- just came to see why I was suddenly getting tons of referrals from here. So I won't see responses to this comment.

If anyone has substantial objections or wishes to debate the issue, email me.

The whole thing strikes me as rather silly, but delinking did manage to send me to a few sites I never would have found otherwise (like Rachel's and even Jamie's). I'm very new to blogging. I need all the help I can get. :)

Looking at the devil on the shot glass, I gotta ask... Michele, are you a Lords of Acid fan?

Well, I've gone ahead and linked you. Although I should add that Jamie and I are in the same circle of bloggers, and he is a cool guy as long as I don't take too much of what he says in his blog to heart.

He's Catholic, I'm bi, and in person we're cool with each other. I guess people differ in their online personas and how they are in real life.

But still, I'm kicking myself that I didn't blogroll you much much earlier.