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you know where you can stick that pole...

All day I had the itching to make a poll. But I didn't know what to make a poll about (I even thought about a pickles/no pickles on your hamburger poll - I reached that low).

Taking a poll as to what I should make a poll about would be silly as well as redundant, right? Probably not as bad as taking a poll to find out whether I should take a poll.

All this talk of polls is making me horny.

Is there anything you're dying to know that a poll would help explain for you? Enquiring minds want to know......what?


'Do Polls Make You Horny?' would be a good one.

necrobestialanalbuttsex...yes or no?

DAMN, Kevin, you stole my comment!

"What would you do if you found a turd in your car after retrieving it from the shop?"

Not original, I know, but I love that Wanda Sykes bit.

Can France make a cheese wheel so big they can't lift it?

Favorite suggestion of poll ideas poll?

Poison or shotgun during Will and Grace reruns?

Or, to refine...

Whilst watching endless strings of 'family orientated' comedy on NBC, do you feel the urge to...

a) Hurt self
b) Hurt others
c) Enter office of head of programming, and force feed the sucker all the invoices from old therapy sessions until his stomach bursts
d) Switch off TV. Find hobbies

What part of your wife did your tongue last touch?

a) mouth

b) twat

c) anus

d) I don't touch my wife with my tongue

Is there a Doggy Heaven?

Will your next car be a:

1. SUV/Hummer

2. Minivan

3. Pickup

4. US Sedan/2-seater

5. Rice burner

6. Hybrid

7. British

8. German

9. French buwhahahahaha)

Sheesh, Keith! They have turd shops now? What'll they think of next?