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obligatory self link

I'm going to be a rap star, like Eminem.

He starts rapping:

I hate the deli
It's always smelly
But I can rap
better than Nelly

He does his little beat box noises and moves his hands in a way that lets me know he's been watching Jay-Z videos when I'm not looking. The deli kid nods his approval.

DJ and Natalie contemplate career choices - at Raising Hell.


You got the patter
But it don't matter
I'm lookin' for a rhyme
Other than fatter

So dead.

yo, check, yo, check,

slice some balogne
ya know i ain't no phoney
pass tha' saurkraut
so's i have sumphin ta burp about

and to think, im 23 and still flipping between writer and teacher and scientist.. cripes...

Not to worry, Eska. I'm more'n twice that and still haven't figgered out what I want to be if the neighbors let me grow up.

She's tasty like ham
But she's cheap like spam
Send her home to her mommy
'Cause she smells like pastrami

Ok... (brandishes 2×4 with rusty nails)... first joker to put "rap" and "artist" in the same sentence gets to talk to "nellie" here.

career? grow up?

not me. nope no way.

you know how discouraging it is when you realize that the word 'career' really means that you have to stop playing all the time and work. every day. for pretty much the rest of your life?

yippee! let's all get careers...

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home house livingchina