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getting over it

For those who asked (and thanks for asking) Natalie did not make the school basketball team. She claims - as do others - that the coaches barely glanced at the shorter kids.

Didn't they ever hear of Spudd Webb?

Anyhow, she was upset for a few hours and then got over it when her best friend called to say that Natalie's boyfriend just sent the friend and instant message that he was going to break up with her.

She forgot about basketball and concentrated on Joe. Joe had given her a bracelet a few days before and Natalie took the bracelet off. Broke it into a hundred little pieces and threw it in the garbage.

Her best friend calls back to say it wasn't Joe who sent the instant message, it was his cousin, being an ass.

Natalie tried to fish the bracelet out of the garbage and put it back together. She couldn't of course, and she ran into her room crying because she felt bad.

I'm sure Joe will get over the two dollars he spent on the bracelet. I don't know if Natalie will get over the fact that she shredded it.

Hey, at least she got over not making the basketball team.


The sad thing is, I'm 16 years older than her (around) and I'd have done the same thing.

even though it's a valuable lesson i still need to learn, perhaps she will get it sooner. at least ask him his name before you shoot him.

i'd have done the same thing too...

I loved Spudd Webb!

Or Muggsy Bogues (5',3") or Earl Boykins (5',5") who was THE difference in Golden State's wins over the Lakers Wednesday and the Nets last night. I saw part of the Nets game. Dude can PLAY! BTW, consecutive wins over championship finalists was the first time since '73.

Sorry about Nat's tribulations.

That was a really asinine thing for the cousin to do.

Well, in the not-too-distant future, all these mean little boys are going to be knocking at your door almost every single day in a crush-induced furor. In their best squeaky-voiced Eddie Haskell manner, asking ever-so politely if they can speak with Natalie...THAT'S when she can exact sweet revenge and start tormenting them for all the stupid crap they used to pull like the IM prank.

Awww...poor Natalie. I hope she is feeling better.

Gawd, I don't look forward to those days coming!

Okay, seriously, I need to have a talk with that girl. A guy breaking up with you is no reason to demolish a perfectly good accessory.

You tear up the pictures (in two perfect halves for easy taping should there be a make up) ... the jewelry you leave alone, Nat.

Hey i am short too and i love basketball. it's the same with our school the coaches never look at the short fella's it sux.