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today's required reading

The Rage of Oriana Fallaci

"The point is not winning or losing," she said. "Of course, I want to win. The point is to fight well with dignity. The point is, if you die, to die on your feet, standing up. If you tell me, 'Fallaci, why do you fight so much? The Muslims are going to win and they're going to kill you,' I answer to you, 'Fuck you-I shall die on my feet.'"

I tend not to put people I don't know on pedastals; my only real hero in life has been my father. But this woman comes might close to being raised up on a platform in my mind.

How did she feel about President Bush?

"We will see; it's too soon," she said. "I have the impression that Bush has a certain vigor and also a dignity which had been forgotten in the United States for eight years."

She doesn't like it, however, when the President calls Islam a "religion of peace."

"Do you know what I do each time he says it on TV? I'm there alone, and I watch it and say, 'Shut up! Shut up, Bush!' But he doesn't listen to me.

I'm listening. I'm thinking a lot of people are.

(link sent to me by my personal blogging secretary and Tampa Bay fan, Todd)


Very interesting article. This woman has balls of steel. I think I'll spend part of today surfing the winds of Oriana Fallaci to see what more I can see....

You could do a lot worse than Oriana Fallaci on your spare pedestal. She has come in for criticism, I can't say as I always agree with her, but she has paid some serious dues in her day, and I'll read anything she writes.

Back when Libya was the worst thing in the world, Fallaci managed to buttonhole Qaddafi in his tent. Boy, did that get some knickers in a twist.

La Fallaci is a very well known writter. And Shakira's favorite author!!!!!

She caused chaos with her piece denouncing Europeans of anti-semitism. Andrew Sullivan had the translation of her Panorama piece on his site when it came out.

If you want to verify what she says about Islam, just read Bernard Lewis. Not only his book "What Went Wrong" but his article from 1990 called "The Roots of Muslim Rage" posted in The Atlantic. Do a search on the Atlantic and you will find it. It kills all myths that we are the root of Islamo-Fascism.

I'm glad to find people who understand the real roots of Islamic rage. The pc liberal candy asses are making real liberals like myself cringe.

Like Brian said, balls of steel. This lady could give a lesson to just about everybody.
"Fuck you- I shall die on my feet." Indeed. Well said.

Great read, thanks!

i sometimes wish i were american, so i could bitch about the bush administration with y'all.

Jay, I never noticed that not being American stopped anybody from criticizing the Bush administration, or Americans in general.

This is a good book ('La Rabbia el'Orgoglio') and I think everybody should read it....Its not really a book. Its a big pamphlet or as Oriana says, its a 'sermon' of sorts.......You can email Oriana: thankyouoriana@yahoo.com and ask questions.......People (liberals) dont like her because she is very blunt and does not give into PC pressure. She rocks......2 good links: http://www.giselle.com/oriana.html

Wow! What a woman!

Tracy, maybe he cant bitch about Bush where he is because he does not have free speech or free thought. Also, for Jay; Fallaci likes Bush a lot and agree with him on a loot of issues. One she disagrees with is that he is too kind to a fault to the people of Islam.

i just meant that i don't really have a right to complain as i didn't vote for or against him. i can, however, bitch about monsieur cretian and how being a wussy never helped anyone. then again, we don't want another bush either. there, i did it. aren't you so proud of me?

Imagine this- a political world with Fallaci, Golda Meir and Maggie Thatcher! Hoo boy- talk about taking no shit from nobody!

I think you need to read some more quotes from her book and think about before putting her up on a pedestal.

In your "10 simple rules for reading my blog", you need to add a disclaimer for "except anti-Arab or anti-Islam comments which are fine" if you really think she's OK.

Here are some quotes from her book:

"They breed like rats, and they piss in baptismal fonts."

"every Muslim, without exception, is a fundamentalist"

"they multiply like protozoa to infinity"


Let's not argue that Christianity and Judaism are religions of peace either.


Uh, you got a problem with that??

'they piss in baptismal fonts'
The point Oriana made in her book is that the Muslims desicrated historic sites in Italy in order to get a mosque built by the state........Can you do that in Saudi Arabia or Iran.....And they do breed like rats. The Allah kazzam or the crayon book encourages it.

Islam is a war ideology masquerading as a religion -- and only an aged Italian journalist / authoress, herself sick unto death, has the courage to say so in public.

God bless you, Miss Fallaci.

Thank you Oriana I'm happy to be an italian like you.

Tutto quello che hai scritto è ciò che ho sempre detto dal 1997 in poi e tutti mi hanno sempre compatito o deriso per essere una voce fuori dal coro.Continua così forse riuscirai a dare il coraggio di avere dignità anche ad altre persone.

Cara Mastra Cecca, grazie a nome di tutte quelle
persone che come me hanno ritrovato finalmente
la forza di dire NO al Politically Correct a tutti
i costi.Quale oscenità stiamo commettendo rivendicando il diritto alla nostra identità ?

Oriana, sai qual'è stato il complimento più significativo che mi è stato rivolto da mia sorella? Questo: "Leggendo i libri della Fallaci sull'Islam mi sembra di sentirti parlare. Se non li avesse scritti lei direi che sei stata tu!". Grazie Oriana. Ora non si potrà più dire che nessuno ci aveva avvertiti.

I am reading her second book, and sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it gives goose-bumps down my spine.I salute her courage, her writing skills,and her razor sharp intelligence.It needed a secular women to tell the world what islam really is!rom