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and bring the toilet paper

It seems that a sense of humor is becoming a rare commodity these days.

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (AP) -- The National Park Service is fuming over a commercial in which a park ranger pours a glass of Metamucil into Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park to help the geyser stay regular.

"It suggests that it's OK to pour some substance into a thermal feature," Park Service spokesman Al Nash said. "We've spent decades trying to educate visitors about the fact that it's harmful to the feature and that it's dangerous for anyone to take an action like that."

Now, what are the chances that some idiot is going to come along and pour a laxative into the geyser?

Then again, maybe it won't be laxative. The hordes of people who don't know the difference between a humorous commercial and reality will come streaming into Yellowstone and throw things like Alka-Seltzer and Kool-Aid into the geyser. And then how long before someone pees in it?

I wonder why the Parks Department hasn't sued Hanna-Barbera for the whole Jellystone Park thing? I mean, if there are people out there who will see the Metamucil commercial and run out to Yellowstone to feed the geyser, there must have been on onslaught of tourists who came looking to feed Yogi and Boo-Boo, right?

It all reminds me of when DJ was little and asked me to lower him into the sewer so he could look for the Ninja Turtles.

Silly boy, I told him. The turtles are rich now. They live in a Park Avenue duplex.


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personally a I think a little Metamucil
in most of the beaurocracy of this country would be a good thing

especially in the senate
with all the trent lott hupplah
didn't anyone notice that guy looked like he hadn't had a "regular" day since dinasours roamed the earth

bring on the metamucil!

Considering how stupid people are today, suing McDonalds because they are f-ing fat, I wouldn't be surprised if people broke through the barriers and whizzed in the geyser.

More power to them. Hope they scorch their peckers off.

The sad thing? When I saw that commercial, my immediate response was, "ooh, I bet the Parks people or the environmentalists get all pissy."

I was kinda kidding, but not really. Can't figure out whether to be pleased that I called it correctly, or horrified that I called it correctly.

I'm basically with the Park Service on this one. The Yellowstone Park Rangers have got enough headaches trying to convince folks that geysers and hot springs are a) Not wishing wells and b) Not hot tubs. There are way too many people tramping through that place, and as far as I know, its near unique on the planet --- once we screw it up, that's it.

I can't think of any law that's been violated, so the idiots shouldn't be forced to pull the commercial, but they should have a decent helping of scorn heaped upon them.

(Although on the other hand, those in the know recognize that Old Faithful actually could use some help: it is not actually the most reliable geyser in the park...)

Now, what are the chances that some idiot is going to come along and pour a laxative into the geyser?

In 2003, I'd say that the chances are pretty durn high.

Believe it or not, Yellowstone has really been trying hard to keep people from putting things into the geyser. It really irks them, because putting things in there makes it decidedly irregular.

It's too bad that we constantly have to lower our expectations when dealing with our fellow humans.

Ha!!! I haven't seen that commercial, but it reminds me of a radio spot I recently heard narrated by Adam West. He is asking people to help fill the Grand Canyon with garbage or something like that. It was CLASSIC! Maybe we can put Adam West in the Geyser, that would be funny and environmentally sound, wouldn't it?

Coming soon to a supermarket near you:

Geyser Blow!

I'm surprised there isn't a disclaimer at the site... "Please refrain from tossing things, including pee, into the geyser". Of course it would be in English AND Spanish.

The utter stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me....I'm sure some idiot would try it.

Every single day I come up against the daunting realization that the majority of Americans would totally take the idea and run with it. I bet that every kid who works in a photo lab this summer is going to handle snapshots of some ignorant schmoe posing with his box of tasty laxative with a geyser spout in the background.

(Travel agents say this will be the biggest year ever for cross country family road trips, everyone packed into RVs chugging along the paths of Lewis and Clark, experiencing for themselves westward push of empire. Or at least what really high blood pressure feels like as they all try to pass each other on those 2-lane stretches of 80. ;D I just hope the rest stops install extra trash cans or future archaeologists will get to puzzle over the Trail of Candy Bar Wrappers along with the Great Metamucil Distasters of 2003.)


Pretty damn good for my money, given the dumbass who tried to grill himself after he saw the act performed on an episode of "Jackass". Talk about an aptly-named television show.

Damn. I wanted to quote Michele's question: "What are the chances that some idiot is going to come along and pour a laxative into the geyser?"

Hence, my answer above.

Apparently P&G (Metamucil manufacturer) has been getting enough heat they felt compelled to put out a statement to the effect that there was a dearth of humor among some folks.