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it's a hormone thing

The Girls Green Machine PAL basketball team (coached by moi) is now 3-0.

I'm dead tired and there's a million things I want to write about right now, but the only thing resonating through my brain at the moment is this:

If, someday in the future, you have the ability to choose the sex of your children and you decide that it's something you would like to do, please heed my advice. Do not choose FEMALE.

If you do, I can assure you without a doubt that about 13 years from the day you make that choice you will be pulling your hair out in frustration and wishing you had hit the MALE button instead.

Someone tell me it gets better, please.


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we turned out ok, huh? eventually?

As long as she has no blogging world ambitions for now, your probably better off than you think.

I believe what got my mother through my teenage years was the thought that someday I would have a daughter, and I would have to go through everything she did.

So, keep that in mind. Someday, your daughter will understand completely why you couldn't wait for her to get past her teenage years.

I've always believed that if I have any kids, they sure as hell better be boys. I know me. I don't want to raise me.

someday I would have a daughter, and I would have to go through everything she did.
HAHAHAHA!!!! My mother in law wished that on my wife... and with our 16 year old, she got it in SPADES!!!

But OMG, I know what you mean Michele. I don't think I'm gonna survive Christina... and the thought that I have three more girls to handle this with. I'm hoping by the time my littlest girl hits 13, I'll be a pro.

My daughter's teenage years were fairly easy on me, but I think that's because I'm her Dad. She took out all her nastiness on her Mom.

I'm divorced from her Mom and toward the end of our relationship we had some pretty venomous fights, but nothing I ever said to my ex in my worst moments compared to the things our daughter said to her on a daily basis from age 14 to about 18. They have a pretty cordial relationship now and even laugh about some of their old fights.

My son from my second marriage is just starting puberty and his fights are mostly with me, not with his Mom. Payback's a bitch.

heh. Three of my four are girls. Oldest is nearly 7. Fortunately, both me and momma have already lost our minds.

Michele, my mother might have disagreed with you when the police brought me home at 2:00 AM when I was 11 years old. Got kicked out of school for 3 days for smoking when I was in the 7th grade. Almost got kicked out permanently in the 9th grade for some minor vandalism. Flunked out of college. Married at 19 divorced at 21. If they could have afforded it, they would have put me in military school. I actually turned out OK. My sister, BTW, was a model child. An A student. College scholarship.

Don't worry, they get good again about the time they are old enough to get married and have kids and all that stuff. The problem is that when that happens, you will be going thru menopause and YOU will be the whacked out one. It's a vicious cycle. Remember about the time you started liking your mom and she just freaked out on you? Ahhh, the mystery of life.

I say this with my two grandsons curled up like puppies next to me.
(And boys do smell like puppies. Or goats. Baby goats, yeah that's it)
I love them. They are so much better than your own. It will alllllll be fine. Trust me.

My mom would tell you that it just gets worse.

It gets worse for awhile, unfortunately. But hey, by the time she's 25 you'll be friends again. Honest.
You can do it, you're strong....hang in there.

I second that. By the time she hits her mid-20s you'll get along fine. She might even be fun to be around again. Could start as early as 20-22. . . that's less than a decade.

Ha! Wait 'til DJ hits puberty!

Last year when our boys were 13, my wife tells me she's glad we have boys.

I ask her why?

She said girls whine too much.

Now that the boys are 14, she recently said she wished we had girls.

He he!

What on earth makes you think little boys would be any easier to raise? :D

Boys, girls...they're both difficult during the teen years. With my daughter, the worst was 13-16, after that, it started slowly getting better. Just remember, it's part of her growing up, it's nothing personal.

My son's counselor once told me that my son acted out so much more badly with me because he trusted me more & felt so safe that he could express his feelings. That helped too.

It won't get better - it'll get worse. When they get to be about twenty-five or so, they might bring a guy home to dinner, say, "Mom, Dad, meet my boyfriend." And a guy that looks like me will be standing there. Believe me, I know. It's happened dozens of times already, and the stricken, frozen half-smile looks on Mom and Dad's faces are always priceless. Kinda fun for me, but not for Mom and Dad.

Sorry, hon. You reap what you sow.

No sympathy from Mark R. then. The way girls are declaring their "equality" now, there really shouldn't be much difference. Used to be boys were the most difficult to guide thru teen years. But now girls do everything they do, so what the heck. Bottom line: ENJOY THEM!

Mike's right. My four (!) daughters (1 step) are 22, 19, 17, and 7. I also have a stepson who's 5. They spent their formative years moving from Marine base to Marine base; the oldest married a Sergeant. The 19-yr old is a cheerleader on scholarship at a Kansas college; her intended is leaving for boot camp in 2 weeks. I introduce them as "God's revenge for my mis-spent youth". The stepson, on the other hand, is a pleasure to be around....especially since his idea of playing is getting knocked down all the time. Have boys, whatever it takes.

"(And boys do smell like puppies. Or goats. Baby goats, yeah that's it)". My ex was totally mortified when my older (4) son turned to the lady behind them at grocery checkout and said, "You know what? My brother (2) smells like a dog."

One of those family jokes that keeps on giving. Thanks for reminding me, Donna.

It gets better. Your problem is, she's like you. And maybe you don't like that right now. But you'll change your mind. Just wait. My own daughter is 14, and a gem. It's my 11-year old son I want to strangle. But it's for the same reason you want to strangle your daughter. He's a lot like me.

So, like, chill.

When you have a boy, you have only one dick to worry about. When you have a girl, you worry about them all!